RS or CS

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Disillusionedjimmy, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Seem to have been out the loop for a bit, just found out that RS is now CS, and have heard that RS SSgt are on higher pay band???
    Can anyone set me straight
  2. No difference whatsoever mate.
  3. thanks, does that now mean as a CS i can get more postings??? Bit confused
  4. CS now incompassess all Comms trades, however it may take time (as everything does) to branch out across the Corps.

    Be patient, (I've been waiting 15 years for tech pay), but you will be okay.

    And I'm not holding my breath BTW.
  5. I definitely wouldn't hold my breath, they got rid of it six years ago.
  6. It does open more postings to you however you will have to complete some sort of pre-employment training package depending on what unit you will be posted.
  7. CS Op is now a composite of RS and AS Op. No in-trade SSgts are on high pay band as far as I know, only the supervisory bods. So question 1 = yes, question 2 = nope.