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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by TA_sig, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. Are RadOps still required to be able to handle IT assets, administor to the Network and all that Jazz, or has it become part of the IS stream?

    Wondering I've not seen it covered on the trade cycles, and there's a class 2 op I know of who know's nothing about it. The roles are still listed under HQ SOinC(A) on Armynet. Just thinking long term to future deployments or class 1 cadre and I'll not have a scooby (other than my academic studies/real world exp) and half of my trade.
  2. Have a look on the latest TDT CD, yes is the answer but only if your in the proper army
  3. Its good to see we're all adopting the 'One Army' principal eh ;-)

    Does RS Op exist anymore? Thought they had all become ICS Op's now? Or is that just 2 Bde?
  4. Cool cheers, the TA class1 and class 3 tdts on Armynet still make reference to it, perhaps people in the right places could be nudged to update them if there's anyone connected..

    It'll be years before I even see c1 anyway, and it'll no doubt be somewhat different to what it is today. Ops is different but guess the predep trg may well take care of it. Hah.

    Apparently it's all going to change for the (V) Army 'soon', but then they said Bowman was ariving 'soon' about three years back so that gives us a good indication of timescale. Don't know how a C2 RS Op with no AS trades will be graded in ICS trade terms. Heck it'll take twice as long for a recruit to hit C3 ICS I'm guessing.
  5. Ah yes, the trade conversion was wonderful, just a blink of the eyelid.....
  6. TA_sig

    Don't worry too much about your Cl 1, unless its changed recently if you can pass your Cl 3 course you'll ace your Cl 1. Ignore the sense of humour, you'll lose it anyway but take NATO's supply of patience. Bitter rant over.

    Seriously though even if its not covered on any formal trade training, i'm guessing on the job training will cover anything you need to know. This is not ideal as quality of training can be somewhat variable but as far as I can work out you're ICS orientated in your civilian guise so you should be ok - and dare I say it, a useful asset for your unit for training in the (not so distant) future.

    I would imagine its same detail for Op tours etc. Kit used by your regiment is not bound to be the same as the kit you're parent unit use. The idea being that you as a 'competent operator' have learnt the principals of comms and just need to be taught the particular nuances of any given piece of equipment you may encounter in your career.

    Just my personal opinions of course.
  7. PotYos it always works out in the end I guess.

    Reference ICS Op, someone at seems to think the RS and AS Op are seperate beasts, so I guess the conversion is not yet complete... or the PR/HR side of the army is a bit slower than the rest. :farao:
  8. No its only just started@Blandford, I don't think it will effect you - you'd become a ICS Op (Radio)(Ptarmigan)(V), although your class 1 will be the same. Hopefully IT, but that could just be an insulting intoduction to IT.

    p.s. PotYos, would ***** been involved with your class 1 (wrote it or validated it)? I've heard a rumour he's the one causing the problems
  9. I promised myself I wouldn't bitch and moan too much about the Army on here and I won't name and shame as such.

    My PXR's went up the Chain of Command never to be seen/heard again but I understand moves are afoot finally so hopefully it will sort itself out.

    Besides, i'm a great fan of OJT, its much more relevant providing its delivered in managable way. On a slight tangent I learnt my Cl 3 (B3/A3 as it was back in those days) over two trade cycles (ie 2 years) the same stuff is now taught in 10 days hence the increased requirement for OJT.

    Rant over/
  10. The irony :twisted:

    Yes I hope the class 1 is sorted.

    What we should do through OJT is so confusing and I'm constantly at odds with the RD PSI's with what I come up with. I tend to look forward rather than back, BATCO is out next year, poor VP doesn't matter because of encryption, IS skills does (AMSCERP, RAS, EDWIN, REEBOK, BOWMAN etc), my sqn is the experts on the ??? BISA.

    Maybe I've said a few things out of line above, but TA time should be prioritised, essential skills first, secondary ones 2nd.. odd that :twisted:
  11. Hoho,

    How long ago was that? Don't answer I know I was there. I have to say it upsets me that anyone really believes that a tom can really be much use with 10 days general trade training :roll: Some of the equipment we use isn't even mentioned and as for VP :evil: