RS op class 2 translation

Does anyone know how to translate (bad choice of word I know) the RS op trade into civvie speak?

I'm curious as to what my job description would sound like in civie format. :lol:
Bumped. Any takers?
devilish said:
Bumped. Any takers?
MCM Div (I think, or maybe HQ R Signals) produced a document that did this for all CEQs within the Corps - a bullet points kind of thing, aimed at soldiers undergoing resettlement.

Maybe a good start point would be your unit resettlement cell. Failing that I'll have a dig about and see if I can find something and PM you.
TA_sig said:
I'll raid armynet.
Yep it should be on there, under SOinC section otherwise its definitley on the TDT CD. RS Op, proficient in the use of a variety of comms equipment, in my unit ranging from the 1970's to the naughties
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