RS(NC) Ops

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Jun 27, 2004.

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  1. A couple of my units PSI's think TA RS Ops have too many systems to understand (Clansman, NCRS, AMSCERPs, Airwave, etc). Do any of the other PSI's on here agree with this?

    I'm also led to believe the NCRS/AMSCERPs used to be manned by Tele Op(Sys)/Tele Op (Data) but when the new trades came in they became RS Ops instead of AS Ops.
  2. RS Op (NC) (V) was introduced to replace the TA Radio Op RTG, Tele Op TG and Tele Op Data to bring the trade in line with the regulare army. NCRS as an HF system was only ever intended to be used by the RS Op (NC) (V) as it is an excellent HF system (it does what it says on the tin) the one down side (apart from the real estate required to use it) is the fact that its processor is so good that the RS Op (NC) (V) has very little engineering to do once the antenna is set up that a lot of the trade skill involved with using CNR fades. AMSCERP was brought in with the Strategic Defence Review (SDR) New Chapter (NC) to bring the TA and other parts of the National Communications Regiments up to date with the role they play. Work Books, Class 3, 2 and 1 training has been brought up to date to incorporate AMSCERP to replace the Tele Op Data in the field role. Yes it does require an understanding of message handling in the modern era, all this has been and should be available to the RS Op (NC) (V) at Regimental and Brigade level. AMSCERP has been tested in the field and live ops. It now sits comfortably as a deployable asset to Commanders across the forces.
  3. AMSCERP is very prone to breaking, well not the modem or PC but the cabling/harness. Its so bad we take two out where we need one, the unruggedised RLI Laptops are more reliable (haven't had one break yet).