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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Modi, May 26, 2009.

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  1. Ok i am torn between joining inf 2pwrr or RS comms and ops 2 totaly different things i know...

    I was wondering if ya could tell me as much about comms ops as pos, promotion prospects is the pay better is the life better and which brigade division etc to join who the best etc?
  2. You wouldnt stay in the same place, youd move postings every 3 years. Its not like the infantry. Pay and promotion are both better than infantry, if you work hard and keep your head down. The life is what you make of it.
  3. So being in RS would be better then inf!

    Any 1 tell me what its like being in comms and ops and what div/brig to join? and for wat reasons
  4. You wouldn't join a specific Brigade or Division. You'd complete training and be posted to a unit. That unit, depending on trade, could be anything from a static unit providing infrastructure comms, to a brigade HQ providing comms and life support to a frontline combat unit.

    You have also the opportunity to apply for service in the Airborne, Commando or Special Forces role, and niche units such as surveillance. There is a greater variety of posting, and the job would arguably be more cerebrally challenging.

    The infantry is a great career if you want that though. It is like comparing apples and oranges though.
  5. Infantry are all on higher pay band less C/Sgt so pay is the same.....promotion is better as are the prospects for later life but it depends on what you want from your time in green. I have been working at a Bde for a number of years and work very closely with the infantry as well as the other force elements that make up a Bde. The work is wide and varied and if you want to work at a tactical level within the Signals then put a Brigade Signal Squadron on your preferences when you leave training. Hope this helps

  6. "tactical level within the Signals then put a Brigade Signal Squadron on your preferences when you leave training."

    ^.^ cheers i think i will most def do this, So is there a way for me to be posted to 2PWRR work along side them? or would it be random placement?

    Any info on the types of jobs ill do as a comms and ops? and what the day to day routine is like?

    Thank you all for your help so far!
  7. day to day routine is different through out the corps....

    You could be in a fast acting, hard working unit where you are always doing something worthwhile (ie 30 Sigs a few years ago).

    Or you could be sweeping the hangers.

    I would suggest, if you are intelligent enough, you look in to CS Engr. Alot of good things happening there, and it is a good trade. CS Op is staggering abit, with a lot of Ops having no real role other than greasing things and sweeping things.

    Infantry is a good job, as mentioned above. You'll never have a dull day, but the two are vastly different.

    Good news is, as a Royal Signals chap you can be attached to the Inf, either for jobs or long term with new posts being opened up in the Inf Bns for us.

    And you have the options of trying for Para, Commando and SF support.

    Paywise Inf and RSignals are identical. Lower band for private, Higher for all up to Sgt, then Lower again for SSGt/CSgt. There are some SSGTs and above on higher but you'll find out about those when you join.

    You will likely maky LCpl earlier inthe RSignals than the Inf mind.
  8. You have every chance of working with an operational infantry battalion, but.... I think 2 PWRR are in Cyprus and so I don't think we have an embedded R SIGNALS section there. A decent option might be to try get close to them geographically, then ask the chain of command to consider you for an attachment on your next job.
  9. There back in the UK woolwich in august i think so i may try that then ^.^
    Cheers all for your help i think i am gona go RS over inf as i need mental stimuli lol as well as physical.

    Well thats if they will have me :)

    Thank you all again.. if there is more to add plz feel free!
  10. Get a bit of both worlds, and go infantry then specialise in signals platoon....
    Could be exactly what your after! Saying that, you can join the Signals and then get attached to an infantry battalion for a couple of years.
  11. Common misconception there KCCO....

    The Royal Signals is NOT the Sigs Plt writ large, nor is the Inf Sigs Plt merely a microcosmic version of the RSignals.
  12. I was gona do that but i was told i wouldnt be able to touch signals stuff atleast for a year or so as inf... hence i feel better to go sigs then attach myself that way :s perhaps lol
  13. As stated by CF and myself in my earlier post the opportunities exist to go to a RSIST and be embedded within a CIS Plt of an Inf BN. However this concept should be on a much larger scale when you have successfully completed your training. KCCO states get the best of both world and join the Infantry - up to you mate but if you want to be a vocational Signaller join the R Signals and you will experience the full breadth of communications from strategic to tactical.

    Hope this helps

  14. Ya it does just trying to keep up with all the acronyms! lol...

    Ya think ill def join RS and go from there... comms and ops.
  15. due to the operational nature of todays modern battlefield the signals are maybe reverting to something called RLD (rear link detachment) and it has been trialled and going on for a while in iraq and afghan

    basically a royal signaller is attached to an infantry platoon on ops and works all the kit the infantry are unfamiliar with (DUINET, DUJOCS, PRC506, and TACSAT for example.) its also handy to have a dedicated radio operator and level one maintainer so they can focus on closing in and killing the enemy and you can concentrate on the job you joined for.

    i believe 19 light 4 bde and another brigade are not only attaching them for ops but having them embedded within the infantry units in thier brigade full time.

    obviously they arent going to send class three signallers out there, but knuckle down and after a year in unit if you fancy doing this job and are willing to go for it then make it known to your troop hierarchy.

    hope this helps. information isnt completely accurate so if anyone knows better im willing to be corrected.