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Hiya, I’m new on here , be gentle , I’m ex medic 78 to 84 . Mostly 2 Field Hospital , biggest piss heads in the corps . In arduous Fidelis, absent in adversity nor something like that
Anyhow need some advice

I came across a guy on YouTube claiming he did 8 years in RRW from 1997 . All ok but then he says he did a 2 year tour of NI and two more Six month tours of NI , Any RRW guys on here that can verify that the regiment was in Paderborn at this time and off on their jollies to Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq 1 ? How would a RRW Tom fit in three years NI tour during this period ? the cunts giving it the full brexit loon ranting too, from behind ex army claims . Boils my piss .
Yeah I want to believe people but records say RRW moved to Hounslow in 96 and to Paderborn 98 and then busy chaps doing bosnia,, Kosovo and Iraq 1. If this guy joined up in 97 they would have been in London and then off to Germany etc so how could he get a two year tour of NI in ? And two more six month tours in NI ? That’s 3 years NI tour from 1997 with RRW. Doesn’t add up unless he was very special of course and did a crash course with them. Shame as great regiment . Remember them in Aldershot around early eighties .


*Russian Troll*
Maybe he went out to NI to make up numbers with 1RWF who started a residential tour mid-98 in BK.

Put up the video, someone might know him and have more pertinent details.

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