Discussion in 'RAC' started by Arthur3bums, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. Dear panel
    In light of the recent jovial announcement by that smiling jackarrrrse of a chap...................no relation to Lionel....................apparently announcing removal of 3000 Troops from Eyeraq which, had Britain's population virtually dancing in it's streets but, which was next day followed (amid an even bigger politically correct smile)by the announcement that 1500 extra troops (for starters - watch my predictive trace) would be deployed to Afghanistan, which had most of the population asking .......where?
    Does the panel think that this could be another government plot to earn 'extra' revenue?
    My opinion is that they plan to relaunch that stalwart of kids TV- Runaround.
    The game objective is to:
    a: Deplete our overstretched and dreadfully undervalued(by politicians)armed forces of cash and manpower.
    b:Send them on godawful missions in as many countries (renamed in American terminology) as possible, in as short a time as possible. This would be named Op Runaround and would be triggered by the codeword "Runaroundgo!!!" Coinciding with peak viewing time on TV channels in the UK.
    c: Hail the gallant lads as heroes while screwing them right royally from behind.
    d: Encourage Britains Civpop to 'ring in' or 'text' a vote for either 'stay away lads' or 'Come the fcuk home NOW lads!' to a cunningly disguised premium rate number which coins in vast sums of money to Government coffers. The proceeds of which manouvre straight past the MOD, the ailing NHS amongst other starved public services ending up in..................................the 'slush' fund created to pay the £20bn bill to get the Olympics to Britain so that...............all the fcuking terrorists can end up in the UK trying to bomb the crap out of an event for which we.................have no forces to defend it because.......................they're all over the world trying to defend us from the terrorist threat!! :headbang:


    1 Dunghill Mansions
  2. wow there a3b a bit harsh isnt it you know to well that the pm and all the ministers are trying to treat the squddies with the respect that they deserve who in whitehall gives a flying fcuk if you have a wife and kids at home as the old saying goes
    join the army learn a trade travel adventure and get paid these are lies your fed upon and like a ******** you sign on
    but the squaddie saying was join the army travel the world meet interesting people and shoot them :thumright:
  3. Hi A3B
    you beat me to it.

    Cynical B*stards or what!

    I thought, oh good re: announcement no. 1, a bit of respite for the poor buggers.

    Announcement 2: Well wot a frickin surprise.

    Prediction - be very very afraid of any announced withdrawal from Afganistan - likely precursor for Iran!!
  4. Silly old cnut.

    They know where you live, being a nearly published author an all.

    Expect black helicopters up a river near you. Soon.

    [1] Agree BTW.
  5. Don't be daft, they's all already across the frikkin water doin stuff. There are only 4 chinooks left in the UK - so i bloody hope no floods happen where there's a need for heavy lifting of sandbags etc to stop folk gettin flooded out. And the Lynx that are left here.... all VOR or awaiting deep serving. Absolutely sad state of affairs this countrie armed forces are in thanks to bliar.

    Also agree a3b, what a freaking surprise. Don't see Mike read shouting this time though eh?? (Or was it cheggers?)
  6. hey there sand bagger minor just remember who pays your wage far be it for me to say never bite the hand that feeds you even if the whole country agrees with you remember big brother is watching you so watch your 6 :threaten:
  7. As a Civvy, it was obvious that the announced withdrawal was a precursor for a quiet deployment. We were all waiting :(
    Take care out there.
  8. I am obliged to the learned gentleman(ha!) I of course agree B Liar is a cnut of the first water.
  9. It only feeds me as i have to pay nearly double what our european brethren have to pay, and don't even get me on the subject of the rest of europe jacking on brits in the big sandpits..... Well, most of them, such as the frogs, the bosche and the frigging eyeties. Strangely enough, all 3 countries that have tried to conquer europe in their history, and failed, whereas the sun never sets on the british empire :thumleft:
  10. Mmmmm, So many Troops to leave Iraq ASAP!', YAHOO! to bring the hopes up... And then (surprisingly) roughly the same amount of Troops to be redeployed to Afghan.. Reminds me of the old.. THE TROOPS TO GET A 2% ANNUAL PAYRISE!. YAHOO!. And then (Surprisingly) Troops Accom, food charges to increase etc etc..
    God bless these 'Spin Doctors' who think we are too 'FICK' to understand the basics of 'ARIFMATIC'. and 'POLATICKS', H.M. Forces are far from stupid, and are more than happy to go where we are told. But hey, the Government telling us the truth now and again wouldn't go amiss..... :frustrated:

  11. pretty sure the daigo sihts dd have a part of our great nation for a few years that is why they built that bloody great wall to the north to keep the celts at bay but as for the other nations i bet old adolf is laughing his head off at us island monkeys for building that tunnel with the frogs we have the whole of europe invading us now :thumbdown: