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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by McInally, Oct 6, 2010.

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  1. Evening All,

    I'm currently a Drum Major capbadged Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, and need to buy/borrow a sword. A short while back I was advised that I would need a Warrant Officer's Sword, but I didn't even know that existed, so all thoughts are welcome.

    In truth I don't know much about swords at all.

    So does anyone know where I could get the correct sword and nickel(?) scabbard and also the correct sword knot (if any) for my appointment?

    Thanks in Advance,

  2. Try Wilkinsons swords, but unless your 18 or over you cant pesonally buy one
  3. Try these people if you want to buy a sword, I bought 3 from them so far (not for myself) and had no problems with them.
    Costs about 6 to 8 hundred quid though (Depending on what you want)

    Pooley Sword - Welcome
  4. Isn't there a couple kicking around the Regiment somewhere? (HQ at the Tower not hold any?) Have a word with the ex Drummies that might have one propping up their lofts.

    Is a RRF WOs sword any different from a WOs sword from a different Regt/Corps? Any chance of poncing one off another unit til you find your own?
  5. Whichever Fusileers unit is based at Feltham Garrison are very good to their cadet unit. Perhaps you could have a word direct, or call the cadet unit on a parade night and see if you can get a contact.
  6. Coxy and stacker cheers for those suppliers names, I've had a look but really don't have that sort of money for a sword.

    CC_TA I will have a chat with The Tower and I know a couple of ex-drummies so will see if that's an option. In truth I don't know, but I thought that swords had a small version of your capbadge on the handguard so I don't want to get spotted.

    dizzle, I'll se if I can contact them, did that signals cadre ever happen?

  7. Just coz things are there doesn't mean they have to stay there :)