RRF Silverware

Any truth to a rumour I heard about all the RRF silverware being melted down by a junior soldier in Germany many years ago?
Heard it a few times, just wondered if anyone remembers this or knows the truth?
I think that's a rumour in every infantry regiment. Some officer or other couldn't pay his mess bill!!
In 1976, in Paderborn, a bunch of U16s arrived while we were in S Armagh.

Rear party decided to use them for some cleaning duties in the officer's mess.

They robbed it - I have never seen my Sgt Pepper album since, although most of their booty was recovered before we got home.

They were caught because some of them decided they would eat in the ORs cookhouse with the distinctive EPNS cutlery they had blagged from the Offrs Mess dining room.

They did not get access to, or steal, let alone melt down any of the Regimental (solid) silver.

Theft of solid silver items (memorably our very nice little XX Lancahire Fusiliers teaspoons) was a privilege exercised by a small minority of sticky-fingered, "officer-class" guests whose larcenous impulses we did not suspect when we made them welcome in our home.

None of them was ever caught.

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