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Gents, I would appreciate some help with this.

I'm after one of the old style RRF capbadges, the brass one rather than the natty staybrite one that's issued now. I'm keen to have a bit of regimental pride, as my issue one is rubbish - St George keeps swivelling round!

Does anyone know anywhere that stocks the old versions? I've tried Ebay, Lanc Fusilier Museum, The Tower, Cadet Direct and a couple of other places. Even Ammo and Co don't stock the old ones any more.

If anyone can help me i'd very much appreciate it.


Just a thought, if you're not alone in thinking the current issue is a bit crappy, you should address this up the chain of command and recommend that a new manufacturer is identified whose quality control is more attuned with the pride that you and your RRF colleagues are bound to have in your badge.
This isn't the first time I've heard a Fusilier moaning about their new issue capbadge, I agree with the above poster - It could be a good idea to chase this up your CoC.


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I believe it has gone up on high already. It's bizarre that we can be penny saving to such an extent that one of my fellow Platoon commanders had St George drop off his capbadge on parade. That's shocking workmanship!
The St. George on the new badges does tend to wobble and doesn't seem that firmly fixed , and is gash , especially the bridge behind the badge for the Hackle. It varies from fairly bendy to 'lend me the Pliers'

Have you tried your local Regimental Association? I'd imagine a fair few of the O+B will have spare old issue.
What about the PRI, im sure they will have what your after......

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