RRF boys come out where ever you are

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by 2ndRRF_Russell, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. i swear trying to find a member of 2nd RRF for me was the hardest part of my training. they dissapear and reappear weird thing all infantry do it.
  2. Well that was nice and cryptic...
  3. All soldiers do this we dissapear when there is hard work to be done and reappear in time for a few pints at the NAAFI. surly you learned how to make yourself scarce before you had completed basic?
  4. keep low, move fast now hurry up and wait!!!
  5. Knew a few 2RRF guys in Celle Germany..... and you're right they do have that knack of vanishing without a trace :wink: Good luck with your search