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What is the thinking behind this?
Instead of turning it into a AAC unit and people complaining about the lost history they decided to just wear the AAC beret.

These sort of sacred capbadge saving things is what really holds the army back compared to the RAF and RN.
Means the Gunners now have regiments in blue, khaki, maroon, commando green & sky blue berets! As well as in TOS & caubeens. How colourful!


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All this talk about unusual headress/embellishment/cap badge combinations - spare a thought for the unfortunates who had occasion to wear other folks' cap badges etc as a means of concealing who they actually were.

Generally, this works fine - although, for example, the South Armagh Brigade took one look at a bunch of blokes in their 30s, with unusual weapons and brand new helmets, patrolling rather obviously around Silverbridge and decided to go for a pint, instead - but on at least one occasion, some Desperate Dan covert types decided to present themselves as scaliebacks, figuring that the Royal Corps gets everywhere, so easy to blend into the background, right?

Not so much. Not when a crazed, ruler-writing failed tradesman Royal Signals RD type chooses to discuss, loudly and in public, the unpolished boots, unpressed kit, missing name tapes and lanyard on the wrong shoulder, with the Desperate Dan covert types and comprehensively blows their cover.

I gather that RCT berets became the norm after that, for obvious reasons.

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