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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Pasty Boy, Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. A BOOZY Royal Marines captain was knocked out cold in an amazing brawl in an officers’ mess, it was revealed yesterday.

    Trouble flared when the tough commando tried to gatecrash an invitation-only cocktail party.

    Officers of the 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Fusiliers were celebrating after six weeks of war games exercises at a British Army training base in Canada.

    The plastered Marine — a helicopter pilot on temporary attachment to the infantry unit — turned up at 2am in search of more drink.

    A furious row broke out between him and five Fusilier officers when he was told he could not go in.

    Then the Marine swung a punch and a captain serving with the RRF knocked him unconscious with one blow.

    He was carried away by his NCOs and later made a formal complaint.

    But at an ID parade next day the groggy Marine wrongly picked out several officers who were NOT AT the party.

    A senior Army source said: “This is not the sort of behaviour normally seen in an officers’ mess. It was appalling.

    “But the captain who struck the blow was obviously provoked and had little option but to retaliate.

    “He decked the Marine with a single punch — which must have taken some doing.

    “The incident will go down in the regiment’s battle honours as RRF 1, Royal Marines 0.”

    Another source said: “The Marine was out of his skull on booze when he tried to gatecrash the party.

    “The ID parade the following day was a total farce — he obviously couldn’t remember much about the night before.”

    The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers battle group had spent six weeks honing their fighting skills in rugged terrain near Calgary, Alberta.

    Army top brass ordered an immediate investigation into the incident, which is deeply embarrassing for the RRF.

    This year four RRF men were jailed over pictures of Iraqi prisoners being abused.

    And 21 of its soldiers were arrested after a brawl at a stag night in Germany.

    A Ministry of Defence spokesman said last night: “There is an investigation into an allegation made of an incident in the officers’

    99.99% need not apply!
  2. I'd be more impressed if he'd decked him when they were both sober.
  3. But that probably wouldn't have happened. We only have the RRF side of the story.
  4. Was it Acid_Tin? :lol:
  5. What is the source of this story Pasty Boy?
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    yeah - punching out someone who can't stand up straight unaided is a real party trick - put them both in the ring on a Monday morning and invite the JR's to watch. :lol:

    Making a formal complaint doesn't sound like the Corps way of business if the facts are as reported.....

    Le Chevre
  7. 1. Royal is duty bound to crash parties
    2. Why wasn't Royal invited in the first place (probably too much competition for the ropey females the RRF dragged to the do)
    3. Perce are always braver in packs, (rowing... 5 army officers to 1 Bootneck is about even odds in my book)
    4. Getting chinned while bladdered is not a dishonourable way of getting your head down
    5. Said "Tough Commando" should have literally and metaphorically taken it on the chin and not bleated like a bitch!! For this he must hang his head

    Best bet is always to avoid big chip, no chin, pongo charlies while ashore!!!

    the gimp
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Concur...... the only half-way serious fights I've been involved in seem to coincide with me being to all intents and purposes sh7t-faced ......mind you, on the odd occasion when I've woken up in a flower bed it has been self-inflicted :) I refer of course to my salad days of long ago.....

    Good description that - Multinational HQ are gonna love it.....

    Lee Shaver
  9. Didnt know the RM had their own helos.
  10. They don't - they borrow them from the Navy
  11. For that read: The Mess Steward who sold the story for £200 said... :D
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    The RM is an integral part of the Navy. Back in the day they had 3 Cdo Bde Air Squadron equipped with Gazelles, which were flown by RM pilots. It is now called the HQ Commando Helicopter Force
    cf http://www.royal-navy.mod.uk/static/pages/5881.html

    HQ Commando Helicopter Force commands the aviation support to the Brigade. This consists of two squadrons of support helicopters, equipped with Sea King, and a squadron of light helicopters, equipped with Lynx and Gazelle.

    When I was in 2SL's empire in late 90's , a RM pilot passed through the Fast Jet course to fly Harriers, the first Marine fixed wing pilot in about 20 years.

    Nothing unusual about USMC Harrier pilots of course, but a rare bird on our side. I expect he's flying Jumbos for Virgin by now.....

    Le Chevre
  13. I'll let this run for now, until I hear whether there is to be an investigation. Knobbish posts will be deleted.

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