RPP/Capita/New Recruit Procedure - Supposedly launched today

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That's still the old system. Capita's new web system live June 2015 ish.
I was replying to "Then a candidate should be able to login on a website and start his journey into service." - which as I stated they can do now (and is the current new system).

The old system was to complete an AFCO 4 form and a 493 and take or send them to a careers office who would then take you through the entire application up to going to Phase1 training. This means what you are talking about will be the new new system.

As for June 2015, I won't hold my breath. FOC was supposed to be Jul 13 and we still aren't there.
The RPP system still isn't finished . Supposed to be ready in April 2017. No chance !
Expect to see an announcement of the delay shortly. Some say a few weeks, but some say November 2017.
5 Years for this . Way to go Crapita.
Doing the same with PIP payments now too.


Can't help but Capita do the Occupational Health services at the hospital my girlfriend works at. Utter shite.

Can't end well this.

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X 2 they are recruiter of choice for lots in my industry and have such awful never been heard of before hoops to,jump through that I won't answer their e mails or phone calls anymore!

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