RPP/Capita/New Recruit Procedure - Supposedly launched today

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by dl231, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. The RPP/Capita/New Recruit Procedure is supposedly launched today yet I can't find anything online about it. Certainly no website to go to. One of our Corporals went to the Regiment briefing about it last week and what he was told seemed to be a mass of contradictions and confusions.

    Anyone got a realitively accurate outline of the new process or a website/web address where it all takes place.



    (Not just for me but doubtless for everybody else)
  2. Can't help but Capita do the Occupational Health services at the hospital my girlfriend works at. Utter shite.

    Can't end well this.

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  3. Signed into my army website account, i had an application completed before capita took over, seems to not be there, I had to input some minor details in for my eligibility, thought i would do another application form but shows up as "an error has occured" :/

    Edit: Re-done my application and it has been submitted.
  4. Same as the rest of the army who also have no clue what is going on!
    Have you tried looking for the number for the new recruiting centre in Upavon? There is supposed to be a call centre that you can contact...failing that I really don't know sorry!

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  5. you could call me, but some people find being told to "**** off you clueless ****" offensive

    for some reason :-?
  6. Capita eh, I can't wait for the meltdown.....

    ....my prediction:

  7. funny enough, they only have an email address to contact them by on their army resource website.
  8. Contact numbers - 01980 835636 / 01980 835637 / 01980 835765
  9. Crapita manage the HR aspects at the hospital I work for. I started work there on 1st October last year, I'm still waiting for my contract. I dread to think how they're going to (mis) manage HMF recruitment.
  10. They screwed up the phased return to work and workplace assessments after the girlfriend went back to work from a prolonged absence (was diagnosed with Lupus). Unsurprising they have messed you around contract wise.

    I'm just waiting to see the threads pop up in time about online tests not working, applications cocked up, data lost etc. Inevitable

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  11. Glad I managed to squeak in before they took over, not least because I won't have to travel all the way to Pirbright.
  12. OK, I know its early days but so far, i've been very impressed. Quick to call back, everything has been sorted and i've been well informed. The people I have spoken to have been efficient, knowledgeable, nice and helpful.

    Any other good / bad experiences?