RPG - rules of engagement

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by two_of_seven, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. On an optag lesson, I recall being told that if we positively identify an RGP7 (with no grenade fitted) we are legally unable to shoot the operator.

    However I seem to recall a conversation with an exSADF chap who claimed the RPG has 7 x .22 rounds for spotting ? or some similar purpose.

    Who is correct?
    I ask we should still be able to shoot someone with a .22 weapon.
  2. It all depends on what rules of engagement the operation comes under.
  3. The ex-SADF gut was probably a Walt. The RPG has no spotter rounds, unlike this chappie. These spotter rounds are bastardised 9mm fitted to a 7,62mm and initiated using a 0.22 Hornet cartridge.

  4. WAH?
  5. Feck it - if I've been Wah'd I'll thrap myself :D
  6. No Wah

    This was a genuine conversation some considerable time ago.
    I'm sure he wasn't a walt, could even sing the battalion song in zulu.
  7. A unloaded RPG is just a rocket away from being loaded. Has it just been fired and the operater moving to cover to reload.

    Bust a cap in his arrse. They are carrying a weapon in a war zone and are not on your side.
  8. Maybe so and good for him, however........ an RPG does NOT have a spotting round capability and therefore he's taliking pish (no doubt in zulu)
  9. Carefull!

    Some RPG systems do have a sub caliber spotting round which is really just a practice round with a tracer element in the rear, it is used a bit like the LAW practice rounds to the get the operator used to the weight and action of the weapon system being used.

    On the plus side on the practice variant you actually slide in and lock a round (which looks very similar to a PG7 round, normally black) and this has a barrell through the centre through which the sub caliber round passes. So if you are looking at the bugger he looks like he's got a pucker gen PG7 in the lanucher so brass him!

    Quite why an insurgent would choose to have a pop with a practice round is beyond me but there you go!
  10. Takes about 35 seconds for a trained RPG-7 Gunner and Assistant to load and make ready. Once the booster charge is screwed onto the warhead assembly all one has to do is insert, index the tube to the cutout on the muzzle, remove the fuze cap cock the hammer and fire.

    I know we(1Cav Div 04-05) were told if we saw anyone with an RPG that they were engageable with deadly force.
  11. I thought UK troops always operate under UK law regardless of who they may be fighting alongside or who is running the operation?
  12. Indeed, but RoE differs according to the op/location/theatre etc.
  13. Guys,

    Is it such a good idea to be talking about ROE and such like on here? After all Terry does have t'internet.
  14. If it encourages Terry to leave his RPG at home, that's a good thing, surely?

    All the best,

  15. Most of us disagree - we think it would be better to shoot him. Wot duz your homies fink?

    . . .'bust a cap' . . . FFS . . :roll: