RPG - Rocket Propelled Grenade?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by longtimeout, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,
    I asked this question in another thread, but didn't get an answer.

    Many moons ago, during endless lessons on another countries weapons and tactics, I was taught that RPG didn't actually stand for Rocket Propelled Grenade. Anyone who suggested that it did was quickly and fiercely slapped down, on the basis that it is a shaped charge warhead, not a grenade.

    Rocket Propelled Grenade now seems to have slipped into almost universal usage amongst the media in hotspots around the globe.

    Am I wrong in being a pedantic git, and throwing things at the tellyy whenever I hear the term used, or I was taught incorrectly?
  2. think you were answered on the other thread actually. somebody explained it was from the russian.
  3. Do you mean to tell me that BRDM doesn't really mean "Bolshevik recce death machine" then???? I'm so disappointed...
  4. Bugger, sorry I must have missed it. Thanks for the pointer.
  5. Out of intrigue I looked it up and Longtimeout is right. It means:

    Ruchnoy [Handheld] Protivotankoviy [Anti-Tank] Granatomet [Grenade Launcher]

    I never knew that.
  6. I'm a civvie and as such don't have a clue about anything. However, wasn't it said in the first post of this thread that an RPG isn't a grenade. So even if RPG is derived from Russian, it still says grenade in Russian, which means that even the Russian title is wrong.

    Of course as I said before:
    I'm a civvie and therefore know bugger all about the Army
  7. Don't want to dis you mate but a grenade can be an projectile fired from a launcher, which is exactly what an RPG system is.
  8. Now I'm devastated;

    So RPG doesn't actually stand for Rocket Propelled Grenade, but it does mean it.

    It would appear that my Inf WO instructors were wrong, but the Journo's are right.

    I'm taking the rest of the day off in reflected shame!
  9. Dis away, as I said;
    I'm a civvie and therefore no nothing about the Army

    So if it is classed as a grenade then longtimeout has raised a bit of a null point.
  10. The 'Continentals' use the word "Grenade" is a somewhat different sense to us Brits speaking the Queens English.
    My German boozing buddy uses the expression 'Heavy' to describe a Powerful Motorcycle.
  11. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Talking about continentals and grenades, I just popped out to the shop and there was a short French guy with his hand in his jacket (come to think about it he was dressed a bit strangely) he was complaining about losing his grenades. My french isn't that good, but I'm thinking he must have just got of the eurostar. I live in SW1, any ideas where to direct him if I see him again?

    [align=center] :twisted: [/align]
  12. Punternet.
    or so they tell me.
  13. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    [align=center]I told him, but he didn't look happy....

  14. Cant the meeja just use 'rocket-launcher'?

    Rocket-propelled grenade just sounds like a big green pineapple with a rocket motor attached whizzing through the air!
  15. Why would the Soviets name one of their weapons in an English acronym?