RPG Protection for helicopters


Deleted 20555

bollocks - it's the detonation at 900m giving the Rpg7 an airburst capability rather than direct fire at moving airborne targets that drops choppers.

Mi24's didn't start dropping out of the sky in Afghanistan until Stinger was deployed, helicopters don't need systems vs Rpg7, just more armour.
Mind you Bulgaria does make very good sneaky/nasty voodoo tech.
Muttley said:
Old RedCap, You of all people should know that Opsec is the key here and maybe this shouldnt be discussed.
Erm - I was hoping for comments on an item that is already in the public domain on WWW. I respect your opinion - indeed I even considered it but dismissed it as excedingly phobic. I think my fellow divulgers of great secrets have already responded sufficiently to answer my query on the article. Thanks anyway.
Just because something is in the "Public Domain" doesnt mean a thing. However us lot on here spouting our woes and the like and effectiveness of RPG attacks bloody well do, what better measuring tool does an adversary require?
Noddy dog wrote
" However us lot on here spouting our woes and the like and effectiveness of ......"
Given the amount of woe spouting and degree of comment on effectiveness of everything from senior officers to SIB tac signs, your opinion just about wipes this Forum out?
Whatever Old Monkey, you discuss whatever you like, far be it for me to know anything about the sensitive nature of whats said on this forum because I am after all just a nodding dog!
I referance to Deleted 20555. I'm sure that you have seen the film Blackhawk Down. They sure as hell weren't Somali stingers or Grails that brought down three Blackhawks. Only two shown being brought down in the film but in real life one crashed at the Mogadishu Docks.

But yeah they need more armour.

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