RPG 7 Backblast

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by devexwarrior, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. A golf partner of mine is an author. His current book is a thriller with lots of whizzbangs etc.

    He has a baddy opening the back doors of a van and blowing away a car with an RPG.

    Backblast thinks I

    Never having fired an RPG7 but knowing there are some arrsonist who will have..Is the back blast rom RPG 7 significant and could you fire one out of the back of a van without doing yourself and others a mischief.

    All info gratefully received to be passed on on the first tee next week.
  2. http://www.nazarian.no/wep.asp?id=408&group_id=24&country_id=185&lang=0&p=8

  3. I seem to remember the IRA finding out this lesson the hard way. I also believe that it has an arming delay/distance once fired.
  4. Reckon the van driver got his head cooked
  5. I remember an urban myth about a Paddy 'somewhere' on the border firing one from inside a car and turning into a toastie. Never did see anything to back this up but it was often repeated.

    I do recall three of the first RPG 7 shoots in Belfast against Pigs.
    In the first it failed to go off and an Officer appeare on the BBC News explaining how to arm the missile.
    A week or so later the same happened and the same dick was on the TV explaining the second arming action after x metres of flight.
    And the third? Cost a Tom his legs and the same guy appeared on the News expressing his surprise that the RA had got it right!
  6. It has a back blast a arming distance and also self detonates after so much flight time .Your friend is better off having his use baddie a grenade launcher .There is one availble for the ak74 or the good old rifle grenade
    availble for everything.
    Its not as easy as it looks to fire accruatly on a range in the ukraine by the end smoke trails looked like the red arrows had done a display :D .
    My favorite was the one that hit the ground shot along the ground under the tank then took off and then exploded in mid air .If you fire them in to the air they go really high before exploding as well :D .
    There are weapon systems with soft launch abilites ie you can fire them from a room and survive ,but, not as numerous as the rpg 7
  7. Could you not bash up some sort of extended "exhaust" if you like? I'd be suggesting something like a crude metal tube curved to a vent in the vans side, expelling all backblast this way?

    Could it work, or is it fantasy?
  8. Could work probably have to involve more enginerring work than it would be worth it .Remeber mad fibua schemes for firing milan and 94 from rooms involved lots of sandbags reinforcement of ceilings and making large holes in the walls behind the launcher .
  9. I seem to recall that the Somalian militias knocked this sort of thing up during the incidents detailed in "Blackhawk Down".
    They had fired on helos previously, but the backblast effectively launched the launcher incl. operator to a great height before splattering them. :p
  10. momemtum forwards (mv) must = mommentum back otherwise you'd leave the battlefield doing a backwards spiderman jump. The mv back is made up of very fast moving and hot propellant gasses.... so let me think about it..... no! But I'd love to see it tried. Remember the IRA rumour, but can't back it up.
  11. I seem to remember the same sort of story, only it involved failing to remove a protective nosecap on the missile?
  12. I couldn't remember the detail of the first action, that is why I was vague. The Officer in question should have been shot.
  13. IIRC (very dimly) ETA rigged up some sort of remote firing of an RPG which actually hit the shutters of the window it was aimed at but hadn't been armed so bounced off. Early 80's I think.
  14. My first post!

    Just thought I'd throw this into the mix.

    Video from the Iran/Iraq war. Keep your eye on the fellow to the right.

    Bet you that made his eyes water.
  15. That sounds very similar to the cultural exchange that happened between ETA and 'Derry PIRA in the early Nineties. The visiting Spaniards were taken to a spot on Bishop's Street Without to witness one of the Heroes of the Revolution firing a homemade RPG in the general direction of Masonic.

    (was it called PIRAD? anyway they were bloody funny to do the scene on because the recoil was absorbed by a couple of packets of Rich Tea Biscuits and the projectile was in a large baked bean tin, it was akin to examining the scene of a chimps tea party)

    Anyway back to the story; Spaniards are lined up Derry PIRA twinning Committee are hosting, then hero runs out of the shadows, trips, does a 200 yard stumble, has an ND and scares the shit out of a few cobble stones.

    I bet there was a few tense moments in the Bogside Inn that night!