RPAX, if you don't have it get it!!

I had the misfortune, while on duty last year, of wrapping my car around  tree in Bovington Camp.  A few months before that painful event I had a letter from the MOD suggesting that I might like to take out cover with RPAX in the event of accidental injury while on duty.  Being a good chap I did as I was told and started to pay 12 pounds a month for 10 units.  

What a good thing it has turned out to be, in the last year I have spent over 100 days in hospital and still have lots more fun to go.  RPAX paid out the following:

After first 7 days of hospital: 142 pounds per day (14,000 pounds so far).

For each fracture etc.  in my case 150 per unit per break, in my case I got 4500 pounds.

In the event that prognosis on leg turns bad I will get 100,000 pounds if it is lopped off (prognosis is currently very good, but it is a comfort to know that financialy speaking I will not be left leg less).

All this for 12 pounds a month.

If you don't have it get it, you never know when that tree will leap out and get you.

I could also go on about PHI, PMI and the nice people in the pay office, all of whom have been very good.  But that is much more a case by case basis and costs for PHI and PMI can be steep.

Bottom Line:  Get RPAX!!!!!!!!!!
.........you wouldn't be in your last six months and about to take up employment as an insurance rep..........would you? ;D
RPAX is for reserves or TA only, therefore  I am either an insurance rep already and touting for business or you may wish tpo examine the trees outside RHQ RAC at Bovington, the last one in line is newly planted.

By the way, the new touchy feely, regular army sent me a lovely letter when I got out of hospital.  As follows:

Re car crash.

Please send insurance details so that claim can be made against you for killing tree.

Signed Colonel Blimp (Retd).
Oh god, its all gone horribly wrong, you see I hit post, then went somewhere else and then pressed back, saw my message still there so hit post again so there you have it, two posts.  However, I note from "Verdi" that this is a very good way of gaining promotion and stars!!!

All that  being said and for totally altruistic reasons I am rather keen on RPAX and would reccomend it to all.
right up to the point where the nasty moderator removes one of the duplicate posts and relegates you back to single figures again ;D ;D ;D

mwahahahahaha (that was the evil laugh  ::) )
YeoTanky - do TVR drivers now have to pay extra for RPAX?
???All you want to do is help, and what do you get?

Silly coments about crashing brand new TVRs into trees .

Sometimes you wonder what people really care about, well I am off to polish my new Jaguar. ;D
With impending call up and the knowledge that insurance companies may withdraw new business cover I thought I would bring this forward.

In GW1 of the 140 service personel killed only about 20 were in actual fighting. The rest were as a result of RTA, training accidents etc.  Many more were injured in the same way.

The Army only covers statutary requirements.  get altenative cover if you can. it is worth it.

I am still claimig 18 months after crash and therefore canot possibly be working for anybody.

This is just, I hope good advice.


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OK, been warned off for very, very likely deployment in the very, very near future.  Checked my insurance policies, and I will not be covered in event of a war.  This of course isn't just about me, but the rest of my Unit (around 60) who are all waiting for the Large Brown Envelope from Glasgow.

Who can give decent, impartial, advice of this?

What's the best bet?  Would RPAX fit the bill?  Does RPAX still operate?  Will it cover deployment?  How do I go about applying?

Help :-/
Since the Sept 11 events RPAX has been closed to new members and current members are not able to enhance their current plans.

I don't know of any other options but would be keen to find out from anyone....
Lloyds bank do a policy that covers service personnel. this includes death by terrorist/enemy action.


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Really starting to get concerned about this now.  My Lloyds (where I've been a customer for years) told me to get lost, in a polite manner.  Any financial experts out there know anywhere to get insurance to cover me/my family while working for Queen and Country?

Help :-/
In GW1 the MOD in concert with PAX put together a policy.  It was expensive but about 50% was paid by MOD.

If you have been called up you are now (as I understand it a Regular).  Therefore, check with RAO or Regular RAO and find out what is in place.  There must be something because we have not seen any of the usual press stories that came out around GW1.

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ok Guys with GW2 kicking off remember pax+rpax can stop your policy if you start it now. They have a get out clause that says any policy started up to 30days before they decied to close for war. Also new pax does not cover you for weapons of mass effect.
Also with affinitas refusing to insure us both mobilised and FTRS what are we to do about life cover for war?????

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