Only their target rifles, which are accurate and ruthlessly reveal all (and many....) user errors.

Actions are not the most attractive but extremely strong, four lug efforts machined from solid.
Anyone out there have any experience of RPA rifles? Looking at there woodland stalker...and drooling...alot....
Yes- they are very very good. I've owned two- an Interceptor in an AI folding stock and some foxing rig I had built up using their Quadlock action. Scary accurate.


Agree with all of the above but also heavy and rather cumbersome, if its a sporting rifle you are after then go lightweight and save the money for glass. If you have a man to carry yours around then I am sure its not an issue!
If you have a man to carry yours around then I am sure its not an issue!
That reminds me of the instructions in a rifle case that I saw recently. The rifle and case were retailed by Manton of Calcutta and the relevant part was: "When you return from a days shooting do not just put your rifle away but give it to your Bearer and ensure that he cleans it thoroughly" Or words to that effect.

I've tried this umpteen times with 'Er indoors but she won't buckle down to it. Perhaps I should threaten to replace her with a Bearer.
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