Discussion in 'Officers' started by A_team_lewis, Jun 4, 2004.

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  1. With Princes William and Harry both considering careers in the forces, do they have to go through the same process as the rest of us mortals? Ie, do they have to pass RCB before getting in?
  2. Prince Edward was kicked out(?) of the Marines because he couldn't meet the standard.

    If they are borderline though, who has the balls to chop them? That would blow your chances of a gong or even a pat on the shoulder from a sword!
  3. With all the moral integrity, etc. that is supposedly meant to be attached to an Officer, will they take a slightly dimmer view of Harry's escapades, especially because they were made so public?
    Can you really have a pot-head Prince in the Guards? :)
  4. Rather thought Harry would follow in his old man's footsteps - into the Cavalry :D
  5. Mate of a mate of a mate blah blah rumoured that Harry has already done RCBb. F#ck being in his syndicate!
  6. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Prince Edward left the Marines of his own volition. Whether he jumped before he was axed is debatable, but HE left!

    As for taking a toke on a doobie, Prince Harry is unlikely to ever suffer anything more than a little light ribbing over his drug antics, after all, there are a great many graduate and non-grad Officers serving who sampled the weed before joining!

    As for The Guards Div being any more scrupulous than the rest of the Army, well Macks, Shame on you for that thought!!! :)
  7. A friend of mine was one of the training officers with his batch and his opinion was that he would have passed the course if he'd stuck with it. It probably took more guts standing up to his mad Dad and leaving than it would have done to have stayed with it.
  8. Well that's certainly the way it was reported but if I remember correctly he was very near the end of the course. He should have finished the course before leaving if he really didn't want the life. As it was he just came across as a spineless wimp for jacking it in....and the image has stuck hasn't it.
  9. Oh yeah , out of the whole f**king useless sponging lot of them , nancy boy is bottom of the list !!!
  10. As I recall he was about half way through a one-year course. It happened in Jan 87 as his batch were doing the build up training for their Commando course. Spineless wimp? Well maybe, but it seems evident from his later career that he simply wasn't cut out for life in the forces; not everybody is. There were times in training when I felt like jacking, mostly when piss-wet through and cold, but I'm glad I didn't. However, if I had, I'm pretty sure that people wouldn't still be having a go at me about it 17 years later. As far as I can see, Prince Edward has put it behind him and got on with his life, so good luck to him.
  11. Wasn't sure of the exact story, hence the perhaps-inadequate question mark in brackets. Tabloids seemed milk the "wimp Edward" aspect of the story at the time, I'd like to see some of them attempt even basic training! Embarrassed if I've helped perpetuate this story - the later postings of this thread are food for thought. :oops:

    Full marks to him if he gave it his best shot, or even for giving it a shot. And there's no shame in changing your mind either. If you don't try you'll never fail. And it's only perverted if you try it twice! :wink:

    In some European monarchies (whether constitutional or historic) it is a tradition to carry out military service, even if just for a token period. It would be a shame if we lost this in the UK.
  12. Setting it in it's wasn't long after the Falklands War in which his big brother Andrew had served.Patriotism had a better press back then and it was a tradition that Royals served in one service or the other.The reporting at the time indicated he was close to completing the course and the Marines and his father wanted him to finish the course but he was obviously finding it very hard (like you would).
    I remember personally feeling very disappointed in him.... for jacking it....being thrown off would be fine-absolutely no shame in having a go and not making the grade- but it does seem he was keener to ponce around backstage of theatres making tea, arranging Royal it's a knockouts and filming his nephews without permission.
  13. Which is probably why it was better for him to jack the Marines: it suggests to me that he probably wasn't bootneck material. I'm not a particular fan of the Monarchy or Royal Family, but I don't see why sensitive, theatrical girlies like Prince Edward should be forced to join the Marines just to satisfy the bloodlust of the Sun and the Mirror, or why they should be ridiculed when they decide that it isn't for them.
  14. I was at Dartmouth the same time as their uncle Andrew [I even got to inspect his kit]. I have no idea if he went through AIB but I would be surprised if had not. Whilst there he did peel off and get his bootneck beret. Which is not bad considering he was only due to do two terms at BRNC as a WAFU. In all fairness he certainly put in the pre-course fitness training. Some contemporaries of mine saw at least one "pavement pizza" by Royal Appointment.
  15. Poor Edward! Although the laugh is on the Brit taxpayer. How much per annum does he collect from the civil list? Rumour had it that the RM Commandant pleaded with HRH to just complete the course then he would be given some sinecure well away from the brutal and licentious bootery and of course, harm!

    I don't think Edward was forced into joining the Marines by the national media, rather it was, and hopefully remains, a Royal family tradition to serve their country also one expected of the Royals by the British public. Edward failed to live up to the expectations of the British public and his family. Failing to do the one thing justifying his free handout . He's fair game!