Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MilitaryTattoo, May 23, 2008.

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  1. The web site is part of a project to keep alive the traditions of the Royal Tournament which was the first, oldest and biggest Military Tattoo in the World until its demise in 1999.

    Interest in the Royal Tournament has recently been revived; on 19th May 2008 the Ministry of Defence published the Report of Inquiry into: National Recognition of our Armed Forces. The report produced by Quentin Davies MP, Bill Clark OBE and Air Commodore Martin Sharp OBE MA recognised that “the Royal Tournament provided a very special opportunity for promoting the Armed Forces to the general public".

    • Click here to view the MOD Article
    • Click here to view the full report

    With this in mind, we have re-launched the web site with two main aims:
    1. To provide information on the Royal Tournament and keep the traditions alive
    2. To encourage people to show their support for the Royal Tournament by joining our mailing list*

    *The mailing list will be used for the purposes of keeping people informed of progress on the project. Information will not be given to any third parties. We will publish the number of people that have signed up to show their support.


  2. By request we’ve added a bit more content to the site, including more YouTube videos. Please join the mailing list if you have a chance.


  3. Joined the mailing list AND signed the Downing Street Petition.

    We went to the Royal Tournament every year when I was a boy - it was the highlight of the year and 21 years later I'm still serving. I went to the Windsor Tattoo this year, and enjoyed it but it was a pale imitation of the Earls Court experience. Highlights I remember are being let loose to wander the stands and assault courses around the arena, collecting stickers and posters while sitting in planes and tanks, visiting the farriers in the car park (if my memory isn't playing tricks) and being given a horseshoe, then watching the spectacle from 'the Gods' as my mother used to call them. And every year the Royal Marines would do their cliff assault, finishing with the 'death slide' and the inevitable wobbly 'last man' who would fall off, but was actually attached by a leg shackle! I can also remember the year there was a re-enactment of one of the Gurkha VCs assaulting machine-gun nests armed only with a Kukri (and at one point a lopped off 'head' popping up from the sandbags and rolling on the floor - probably couldn't do that today as it might upset the weak-minded or offend the Japanese).

    Good Luck - if you want someone on a committee, count me in.
  4. Joined and signed BUT:

    In its last few years the Royal Tournament was pants. The show stopping military stuff was straddled by dross and pap. There's a degree to which the MoD withdrew from the piece because it was increasingly infra dig.

    So I hope it comes back with a vengeance and gusto and not just because some limp politico included it as a bulk bullet point to pad out a report that is largely ill thought and anodyne.

    Good luck. Be extremely circumspect about the events companies you use.
  5. Signed.
  6. Agreed. Last couple of years involved more and "media" types with TV "personalities" becoming the focus rather than the Service Personnel who should have been the centre of attention.
  7. Could it be covered? We don't have enough blokes to cover military commitments properly at the moment, let alone a 2 week run of RT on top of all the op commitments. Can't see a new one being better than the last couple of years of the old one personally
  8. Maybe that nice Mr Kemp and some of his thespian pals could ham it up a bit. :wink:
  9. Nice one, didn't think of that. Ultimate Farce Display Team, thats the answer
  10. Couldn't the Legion of Frontiersmen help out? :lol:
  11. I reckon airsofting walts could do a few displays, section attacks on bunkers etc, would be cool.
  12. Careful guys, some fuckwit could be monitoring this and the next thing you know...........................
  13. Joking aside, I agree with the comments made here. The RT was (years back) a tremendous showpiece for the military, killed by anti-establishment sentiment from the humourless left and aided in the process by populist showbiz "personalities" who hijacked the show.

    That same anti-establishment pragmatism that lost us the royal yacht, resulted in the scrapping of the famed and iconic RouteMaster buses and world recognised red telephone kiosks.

    Good luck lads, support you in every way I can
  14. I also reckon that some ridiculous health and safety rules would hijack things like the field gun run, white helmets and musical ride (could you imagine the field gun run being done with harnesses, safety ropes, gripper gloves and shouts of 'keep yer backs straight when lifting fellas'etc?) somehow it wouldn't have the same appeal.
    Although I have no doubt that if it did come back the blokes would still have to live in a 'shanty town' in Earls Court 2 and share 10 crap showers between 500 people, along with breathing in motorbike fumes and putting up with the smell of horse sh!t 24hrs a day, and all for the extra 50p a day, wooohoooo - not forgetting the 'medal' that you got at the end of it, QUALITY!!!!!
  15. Wow - you are one entrepreneural fellow! Hats off!

    I think you read the report, and decided to do a bit of cyber-squatting and am now trying to up the visitor count so as to make the site more valuable in future...

    or you read the report and having an interest in the event, decided to get in the game early on.

    Well done either way. I wish I thought of it first. :)