Royals Not doing enough for Tsunami victims

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by far2young2die, Jan 6, 2005.

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  1. I spose charlie or william should really have visited the region.

    Lets just say i would rather have them lead the way than that twat blair or the foreign secretary :twisted:

    agent smith
  2. Hopefully Phil the Greek will tell The Dockers Dandy readers his opinion in his own stylish way. :wink:
  3. Its pretty obvious really.

    All the scumbag unemployed dole dolls that plague our once beautiful land have nothing better to do that watch none stop Sky news whilst picking their fat arses.

    They obviously think the Queen (God Bless You Ma'am), Charles and the rest of the Royals should nip off to the disaster areas wearing snorkles and flip flops and search for survivors. Or maybe air drop supplies out of the Royal airplane.

    No, thats it. They should all go and patronise some survivors and make them feel even worse about the situation.

    Where was the article from? The Sun. No news, make it up. Only Pig shi* thick people buy it.

    Actually I buy it because its the only bleedin newspaper crossword I can complete, but thats another story....

    ... that the Sun will report on.
  4. Don't fall for it.

    Yet another blatant Sun attempt to take the spotlight off the Glorious Leader's failure to get back on the first plane to the UK when this disaster first unfolded.

    The Queen was very very quick to get her hand in her purse , to the tune of £Substantial when it was obvious how bad the situation was.

    She was also very very visibly moved at that call centre yesterday.

    How much has the Blair Family donated , and is Euan , even as we speak winging his way South?

    At the risk of repeating an empty rumour , didn't the Queen want to make a broadcast to the Commonwealth asking for their help and involvement , only to be prevented from doing so , by the Celestial Charlatans office?

    I don't know how truthful that rumour is, but I hope it's true.

    This is a dirty , low piece of "journalism" by the Labour Party's redtop mouthpiece, desperate to take the heat of President Bliar.

    Dear Rebekah,

    F**k off, strong letter follows
  5. There is a place in Bernoulli’s mass grave for the whining tw@ts who think our Royal Family should do more. HM may be head of the Commonwealth (as vacuous an organization as the UN) but she isn’t head of state of any of the countries affected. Now, if we still had an empire, we and the Royal Family could do more. Her Majesty’s Armed Forces are assisting where offers of help have not been refused. Our Royals can't just pitch up on the whim of the Sun, (pay attention Sun readers-this is important ) they would need to be invited .

    Thailand has its own King, who lost a grandchild in the disaster. Do the Sun readers thing Prince William should go to loan to Thailand as a temporary replacement? ( I mean no disrespect to the King or the memory of his grandchild- just contempt for the Sun and its obsequious readership, devoid of original thought. Cnuts )
  6. Any chance we could get The Scum editor the sack too? Nowts impossible.
  7. Blatant Sun crape as usual :roll:

    I suppose now that they have sold their soul to the devil they'll jump on the Republic band wagon also :evil:
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Mmmmmm.....are members aware that the Sun editor, Rebekah Wade, besides being slightly worth a ride, is married to that famous member of "the regiment" Mr Ross Kemp.

    It is also, in case you had forgotten, owned by Murdoch; a man who has made it his mission to rid the world of Monarchs.

    Ever wondered why there is so much fantasy and republican drivel in The Sun?
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    ....and whilst we are on the subject, Murdoch also owns Council House Television so all you lot who watch Sky News (the one with a free dot to dot of waves 'cos they can't spell tsunami) will get fed the same anti roaylist tosh on there as well.
  10. MiB. You need your medication upping mate. Worth a ride??

    Youre joking right? Shes a ginger Marilyn Manson lookylikey. An utter grot in fact.

    Sun readers - another reason for selective breeding and genetic policing.
  11. If she was down the NAAFI bar, dolled, you would and you know you would. Gangers are like fatties, they all try harder.....allegedly. :roll:

    If you're an officer reading this and can't compute the reference to NAAFI bar, imagine she was waiting on in the mess.
  12. She wouldn't be: we don't let Gwars in the mess for goodness' sake!
  13. Back on topic please .
  14. Really p*ssed me off this one. GWB etc on the goggle box saying how sorry USA was etc and our bloke still on some freebie holibob somewhere.

    '.... in constant contact' my arrse. Meant to be the leader so should have been leading.