Royals in Hm Forces?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Telemech2005, Oct 22, 2005.

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  1. Has he got a 'tick-in-the-box' from Westbury or did he get Daddy pull a few strings?
  2. Or, shockingly enough, he might even have passed! No, that's not possible...
  3. I have just done RCB myself and I know that the marking system is fair. All the interviews are recorded and archived and each candidate is discussed formally after they have departed Westbury. If they reach the standard then they pass. If not they fail. We must then assume that HRH Prince William passed on his own merits as did his brother before him.
  4. I'm sure he got in fair & square.

    That said, even if he didn't, I don't care.

    Both of them joining has been a good thing for the forces. We are fighting a less-than-popular war, mothers up & down the land are stopping their childer joining, the Playstation Generation are fat & unfit, overstretch means we are losing good folk all the time, and a generally poor attitude from politicians towards the forces doesn't help.

    I pray nightly for the health of all politicians. I hope they all get coleorectal cancer. The bastarrds deserve every last agonising moment.

    However, the future King and his brother have done what the likes of teflon Tony and his vapid spawn would never do, and join up to do their bit.

    I know they are fairly unlikely to be put that far into harm's way but that's not the point. They will raise the profile of the Forces.

    It's a good thing.
  5. Ahhh the naivety!

    i'm sure that he did very well.
  6. I dunno but i ate Wills' dinner once in Belize. Didn't know it was his, should of known really as it was on a plate with a pair of clean eating irons. Everyone else was digging into their mess tins. Dam nice it was too
  7. Well said. Not sure about the cancer bit though! As to harms way, his uncle paid his dues in the Falklands. :wink:
  8. I know I'll kop some flak but I knew an RN CPO fleet air arm, who told me that HRH's helicopter spent most of the Falklands War safely lashed to the deck of Invincible.
  9. Passed on his own merits? Did you really think they would have failed him if he hadn't been up to the standard. Westbury must be flawed considering the amount of idiots we end up with (Not directed at all officer types before you start)
  10. I also know an ex RN CPO who was Fleet Air Arm on Invincible and said the same thing. Also said that HRH spent a lot of time sitting in his helicopter having to be told that it wasn't his turn to fly.

    Wonder if its the same RN CPO. My source was from Hartlepool.
  11. Initials KR?
  12. Well, in 1982 he would have barely been declared combat ready and would have spent his time in the left hand seat and in the company of someone who knew better anyway.

    He went on the next year to the lynx (one pilot) and spent the rest of his flying career on frigates and destroyers, where there is precious little room for dead weight and idiots. He also did a tour on 702 Sqn as a HWI- so he couldn't have been a complete muppet. If that's not enough for you, just consider that he managed to go nigh-on 20 years without getting himself killed. That's more than some can do.

    Oh, and he went through BRNC and the YO course at CTC.
  13. I wasn't doubting his skill, bravery or expertise as a a pilot, merely commenting on the extent to which I'd heard he was allowed to perform his duties in the Falklands conflict.
  14. And I'm saying that his duties as a 1st tourist co-pilot would have been to sit in the left seat for ballast, shut the fcuk up and try not to break anything.
  15. Gotcha, feeling cranky and chippy this morning and concentrated on 2nd part of your post and missed the first part. Doh!