Royals cost the taxpayer £40m

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wheelchairwarrier, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. The BBC reports that the monarchy costs each and every one of us 66 pence a day.
    Linky here
    The report states “the maintenance of palaces was to remain at £15m each year for the next three years.” This is deplorable in my opinion. Should we as a nation pay more ?

    Could not companies make “sponsorship “ available ie General George to supply carpets , have you seen the state of some of them,
    Dulux, for interior paint work
    ..and so on

  2. I think you'll find that's actually 66 pence per year.
  3. As a trade off for the Royals being funded in this way all the income from Crown Estates go direct to the Treasury. Somewhere around the £200 million per annum mark I believe.
    We could always stop this system and allow them to keep the income from their own property and loose a fair bit of cash out of the bargain.
    Personally I consider it excellent value for money.
  4. To be honest it'll be a lot more than £40 million, but it's a decent price to pay for what the country gets, places like the USA would love to have royalty.

    As for the Royal estates, to be fair they do get to keep some of it, i think the £200 million is actually the tax coming back in from the money made.
  5. Money well spent,
    Would be interestng to find how much the MP's cost us each year
  6. I wonder how much parliament and its incumbents costs us though, Id wager a fair sight more for not much gain...
  7. And worth every penny!
  8. 66 pence a year? I'm happy to pay 100 times that.
    God save The Queen!
  9. 66 pence a day cheap as chips i wonder what liabour costs us a day .... SWAG tadge more

  10. Do you mean in actual cash that they take out of the country or the actual amount of the UK that they give away to their mates in industry, the first figure will be a fortune, the second will be frightening.
  11. Damm beer goggles !

    Jeeze I would gladly pay that per day
  12. 66p per year! I wish the rest of the county's parasites were so cheap.
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Is your chippy near bye it's £1 60 a bag up here
    66p a day is nothing really I don't even notice it

    I saw Prince Charles and Prince Edward last week and for those two to be so brave as to win all those medals they were wearing I say Gawd bless em and long may it continue

    My cap is doffed
  14. God save the Queen. I am more than happy to pay this.
  15. Ok, lets vote.
    Royals? £40m
    Drug users?£20Bn

    I know what one I'd get shot of