Royals beaten by fog

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by slick, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. I saw this on the news, for an exercise which took months to plan to be scuppered by a bit of fog seems a tad odd. Health and safety gone mad or just playing it safe ? Not every amphibious landing is going to take place in good weather after all.. 8O
  2. ffs,what a damp squib eh !
  3. awwww bless, but....wouldn't the fog have been a good thing if you wanted to sneaky on to the beachy??
  4. but they have to be warm and safe on an amphibious assault, bad enough the bad men might shoot at them in reality, don't want any more excuses for them to cry or get the sniffles 8O
  5. It looks like the Booties were raring to go but possibly the WAFUs didn't want another Chinook-type debacle making the evening headlines. At least an embarked Commando force has the flex to poise offshore and do it all another day; or anywhere else on the coast for that matter, provided the local authority has given 'planning permission' :) .
  6. sounds more like a cold and wet journalist fecked off at being made to hang around all day.

    It was an exercise to promote the reach of the RM/RN, a visual spectacular, cabs zooming the beach etc

    If that was the aim, I'd push it back so the "spectacular" could at least be seen