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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by gooddog, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. I'm Thinking of joining the TA, and this is my nearest unit (B sqn Royal Yeomanry), anybody have any experience of them? :?
  2. They'll be alright; they're Yeomen! So am I and I'm alright!

    Mind you the RY do CBNR and car washing so you will spend a lot of time with the face welly on.

    Have fun!

    PS you got any red trousers?

  3. Eh? Wasn't this on here a few days ago?
  4. B(LDY) Squadron (LDY = Leicestershire & Derbyshire Yeomanry) are a good bunch.

    Enjoy it!
  5. Any of the big 4 Yeo outfits are great fun but don't make the mistake of speaking to Yeo sigs or gooners - they think they're Yeo but they ain't. Its all very sad really.
  6. It is, extremely sad. We just want our tanks back, though ;)
  7. RY is a sound choice. Good reputation amongst TA and regulars including being the only TA regiment to receive a Battle Honour since the second world war (Iraq 2003). RY also have a good record of deployments including some chaps about to return from Afghan. New role allows room for some good recce soldiering with the added CBRN specialism. Go for it and don't look back!
  8. are you in recruiting by any chance
  9. SSSShhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. I'm not in recruiting and will back up teabag's comments.

    [I admit I was in the LDY (albeit a long time ago) after leaving the regular Army.]
  11. The RY are an FR Regt providing troops to the FR Regts and also support the JCBRN Regt.
    The CBRN is part of any role in the forces and ANY unit may be required to "carwash its own vehs!!!!! The CBRN role is specialised so rarely arises for Ops. CBRN Troops DO NOT wash down other units. It is the responsibility of each unit to be able to DECON its own equipment and personnel although they may be called upon to ADVISE a unit going through a decon line.

    B Sqn RY are a decent bunch of blokes! Get in there and see what the do and see if your up to it!
  12. D Sqn - the North Irish Horse - was a good unit. You seem to need a peerage to join as an officer though. When I was in, the OC was a relative of Chris De Burgh and had a castle in Antrim (which was smaller than many of the other castles owned by the rest of the Mess).
  13. Heh. If you mean the ex-Welsh Guards (M-B), I know him.

    NIH are a cracking bunch. First encountered when I was in North Howard St Mill. They are responsible for a couple of spots on my liver.
  14. I hate butting in on this thread but it is relevant to my own query. i am thinking of joining the RY, the nearest is A sqn. anyone have any info apart from what can be got off of the website?? what are they like, exercises, etc, etc?? any replys much appreciated.

  15. Good bunch IMO. Go see them and make up your own mind.