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Hi there, I am seriously looking to join the TA soon and after looking at what's local-ish to me I spotted the Royal Yeomanry, namely A Squadron in Swindon. I am looking to hear from anybody who might be part of A squadron who could give me a good idea of what it is really like and not just what the website says. I'm an ex soldier myself so I know there is a difference between the careers office brochure and the reality of stagging on for hours in the rain.

I know I could look at going there myself to see what it's like but I am quite busy for a few weeks and I don't want to waste anybody's time should I go there. I have heard good things about them from this site but a lot of the threads are fairly old and things could have changed rapidly in the last year or so but if it's still quite similar then it looks a good varied role with some very enthusiastic guys.

Any help will be much appreciated, thanks.
A Sqn have just come back from Denmark on a two-week ex, and the ones I met were a thoroughly sound bunch of blokes. They're getting WMIK in the very near future to replace the Defenders they have at the minute.
Things have indeed changed in the last year:

1. The first of our RWMIKs has arrived, with more to come over the next few months.
2. Our change of role to "light cavalry" has been confirmed.
3. The Sqn has reached full manning (7 officers and 86 ORs), although the recruit pipeline still needs bods and ten of our guys have just mobilised for Op HERRICK 18 this week, so don't let the full manning thing hold you back. Anyway, we can overbear.
4. We have raised a fourth troop at Windsor.
5. Average Wednesday evening attendance has settled at 50-55, which has allowed streamed training (ie, seniors doing different stuff than juniors) to bed in.

The emphasis in training over the last 2 years has been prep for Op HERRICK (our guys are going out as Warthog and CVRT crew but our training has concentrated on dismounted work, using prep for Ex CAMBRIAN PATROL as the vehicle). Over the next two years, the focus will be on conversion to RWMIK (including Cat C driving licence acquisition, HMG, GMG and GPMG gunnery) and on light cavalry skills and tactics (basically RAC and recce core stuff).

It is an awesome time to join A Sqn RY and a sad time for me - I leave it on Sunday!


Dr. Evil so sad to hear of your demise, the Sqn. will be, I am sure, devastated and there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. One can only assume that you will go on to ever more wonderful positions and now the Duke has gone we may even get someone (in about 20 years time) who knew what the TA was doing 20 years ago!

Good luck!
A (Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry) Squadron, the Royal Yeomanry, parading through Swindon on Sunday 21 October 2012 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Second Battle of El Alamein. The Squadron exercised the freedom of the borough granted ten years ago and was also a kind of send-off for the 10 guys mobilising right now. All 57 officers and soldiers parading were from A Sqn RY (no "ringers"); we had a further 6 doing admin, 6 away on courses; the remaining 20 or so will feel the wrath of the new OC A Sqn.

After the parade, the Mayor of Swindon and other councillors, along with representatives of the Royal Navy, RAF and Army, signed the Military Community Covenant in the presence of a 95-year-old veteran of the battle.

Jolly parades - the way forward.


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