Royal Yeomanry Sqn Stable Belts

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tebagagap, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Fellow Royal Yeoman,

    Does anyone know the reasoning behind Regiment putting a stop to the Squadrons wearing their individual stable belts?

    I for one naively did not see it coming. Fair enough with regards to the single cap badge we are one regiment after all but with each squadron fiercely protective over its historical regimental identity could this act be a step too far? I for one was pleased we could still show our regimental pride with the wearing of the old belts.

    Is this just a staged phasing out of the old regiments to be lost into the mist of time. I do genuinely feel gutted akin to the feeling i had when our armour rolled out of the gates (damn QOY).

    Tradition out of the window again, time for an impromptu pimms party on the next Regt FTX, grid to follow!


    PS...could the Regtimental HQ stable belt be the next move for all Sqns?

  2. I reckon it's a money raising scam. Change belts, everyone puts another £20 in the unit pot for a new one.
  3. Apparently my comment here was b@llocks and based on erroneous info - so I withdraw it!
  4. One Army, One Regiment policy!

    Also I believe there was an exception in that Sqn stable belts may be worn with barrack dress.

    Its going to be difficult keeping that clean in the field but I'm sure it can be managed.
  5. [/quote]Also I believe there was an exception in that Sqn stable belts may be worn with barrack dress.

    Its going to be difficult keeping that clean in the field but I'm sure it can be managed.[/quote]

    Dress regs clearly state that stable belts are notworn in the field! :D
  6. i think rcm doest like them and i agree with him to be 'onest,who are you ?
  7. The restriction on Sqn stable belts only applies to Regimental events. You can still wear them on drill nights and other sqn training.

    There is no master plan to do away with Sqn individuallity, but some things will change to promote Regimental identity.

    Lets face it the RY has been around longer than most of its members have been on the planet and has remained in the same form longer than most regular Regiments.

    After over 40 years, 1 battle honour and Yeomen on active service for the last 5 years isn't it time to take some pride in our Regiment, The Royal Yeomanry, rather than seeing it as some pale imitation of its fore runners.
    We are writting the history that future generations will remember, but it will only be remembered if we survive as a Regiment.
  8. here! here! stop living in the past and embrace the dark side
  9. Just joined s Sqn so I wait with bated breath on this and other dress issues!!!
  10. More than proud being a Royal Yeoman and even took a favorable stance when the single cap badge debate started being knocked about....especially when the draft badge was released to the squadrons. At the time their were many mixed reactions. I always thought it was the way forward and has really begun fostering the 'one regiment' feeling.

    I have really embraced the new role, another controversial approach (i seem to be in the habit of them recently) FTX's seem a lot more relevant and thankfully my LR is no longer pretending to be a MBT with the operator firing mini flares simulating 120mm gun firing or heaven forbid flashing headlights and shouting the god awful 'bang' how we just pissed ourselves when we first did that. Felt like something out of dads army!

    At least now we have a role that is interesting and relevant. We just have to convince the rest of the army that we are not combat car wash attendants!

    Nice to see a few fellow Yeoman out there.

  11. Welcome aboard Tribune.

    You will enjoy the arguments about dressing up that are a frequent topic of discussion.

    There are some of us who are more interested in Training, equipment and keeping the Regiment going than what we wear, but clothes do arouse some peoples "passions". :)
  12. Style, Panache and oddly dressed Officers.....ahhh the staple of any good Cavalry Regiment.

    Edited to welcome Tribune to the RY!
  13. You mean you didn't lose your distinct beret, unlike the Scots Yeo, or you capbadge, unlike the Scots Yeo, or have some other regts badge (QOY) foisted upon you, unlike the Scots Yeo?

    Out of the 5 Sqns that make up the QOY only 2 stayed QOY the other 3 came from the Scots Yeo, so that made a lot of sense!

    Bitter me? not I!
  14. who the devil are you, i dont know anyone in your sqn that can spell that good
  15. Perhaps a unifying beret colour like RWxY would give you a unit ID.

    Seeing as cowpat brown is already taken, may I suggest beige/sand as you obverously think you're 'special', or WRAC green for being a bunch of tarts!