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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. My minions report that, pending detailed revelations about anything from anyone concerning the "territorial component of the Army Reserve", A (Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry) Squadron of the the Royal Yeomanry has been authorised to form a new Troop, to be based alongside the HCR at Combermere Barracks, WINDSOR.

    The Sqn has the right people in the right place, available at the right time (for reasons about which all ARRSErs are well aware) to create a yeomanry cavalry Tp at WINDSOR - and to give it the right (ie, minimally STAB) ethos from the start. Waiting too long would mean the moment would pass and the people with experience whom the Sqn would like to recruit will become bogged in the Form 203 ballache, and therefore lost. It's open to those without military experience and to transferees, of course.

    The RY is highly likely to be one of the "light cavalry" yeomanry regiments. The CBRN bit of the "CBRN recce" role is being edged away, and is very likely to go entirely once the re-roling is complete. The RY's first R-WMIK vehicles will arrive in September/October of this year.

    Anyone interested in joining should PM me; I will get a pencil-skirted minion to respond. It's a good time to join, although the PRI is still selling the same old cardie and socks:

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  2. You bunch of utter bollocks!!

    Well done by the way - always good to see some expansion in this firm - sorry, territorial component of the army reserve.
  3. So the HCR are effectively getting a TA Tp? Is this the first bit of TA/regular pairing? Perhaps this means the HCR will be part of the adaptive force.
  4. Is the unit planned to be integrated with the HCR then?
  5. If we can get a second squadron formed here in northern Ireland we can go back to our old badge of the north irish horse which would be nice. Ben told as well that in sept / oct we will be getting our new R-WMIK to but we think that's bollocks really. When the army says it giving the TA some new toys best add a few extra months / Years on to the time frame they give you

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  6. The Royal Yeomanry is getting R-WMIK in Sep/Oct, fo shizzle. So I guess your lot (Queen's Own Yeomanry) will be getting theirs at the same time, too. Maybe it might be wise to drop the cynicism shields, just this once.

    I'd be happy to sort out another NIH Sqn for you, provided that I'd be allowed to procure an SIH Sqn too. You'd be surprised at the level of pent-up demand.
  7. Regarding integration with HCR, and HCR being adaptive: nope. This is just a deft, swift swoop. Read nothing into it, other than that people get fed up with conflicting directives and missed opportunities.
  8. Fair one. So same role as the rest of the Sqn?
  9. Yes, although probably involving a bit more showing off front of hordes of continental European girls. Windsor gets more tourists than Swindon, for some reason.
  10. They moisten at the sight of tatooed, obese Troopers, elderly WOs and Worzel Gummidge like Subalterns then do they?

    Or is that just the QOMY element of RMLY?:)
  11. Having been around since the old days of open top LR, I think R-WMIK will be v good for the Yeomanry. Easier to use, fix and train on than CVRT, it means that actual on platform training can happen much more often - and that is what the boys actually want to do. The platform type isn't a big issue in my mind.
  12. Are you getting all the guns as well, or will they just be fitted for guns?

    RMLY have been using stripped down LR for long time now, as quiller says, the platform is versatile and if you get the R-WMIK it will be a major and useful step forward.

    But without the guns it will just be a faster and more ally looking stripped down LR.
  13. The guns (HMG) are coming, too. So they will be faster and more ally looking stripped-down LR, able to punch neat holes in things. This means that guys will need to be competent on that weapon system in order to command them, which is nice. Example pic (but with wrong kind of gun) below.

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  14. Hold on, are you alleging that the QOMY element of RMLY moisten at the sight of the STABs you mention?
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  15. Having been a CY and DLOY, my views on the QOMY, element of the RMLY, and their strange ways is best left unprinted!
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