Royal Yeomanry cardie and socks

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. I'm carrying out some market research.

    The Royal Yeomanry are trialling (if that is a verb) a regimental cardie, knickers and socks combination, employing the regiment's TRF colours. The items are modelled below.


    1. Should the underwear be RY green as shown, or adopt the TRF colours too (we thought this would be overkill and so went for the former option)?
    2. Where should the capbadge go?

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  2. I think it's a great idea, although there are some people in the regiment that I wouldn't really like to see dressed like that. I think I'd look quite dashing in that outfit, so I'll take ten please (as I've heard it's buy ten, get Scarlett free).

    As for the capbadge, do you think you could fit it on something that size? Surely it would be too big...
  3. Aren't horizontal stripes supposed to be fattening??
  4. And equally, there are some (very few mind) whom I wouldn't mind seeing dressed like that....

    Though let me hasten to add you're not one of them!
  5. Poor skills Dr E, where is her chelsea boots and riding crop?
  6. I was waiting for you to turn up. :roll:
  7. Look chappie, just because you spend your time in coveralls!
  8. Oily coveralls at that. Still, I'm sure she can be thankful there isn't a Netball ball in the photo :twisted:
  9. could not theRY just look military andstop acting like cnuts?
  10. What, traditions take years to establish, one can't abandon them just like that. Even if one did manage to look a bit military by getting a battle honour for Telic no number.
  11. I smell vegetable oil.

    Scarlett isn't in the RY, although I am trying. Even if she were, I think calling her a cnut is a wee bit harsh. I think she looks fine in that photo and isn't acting like a cnut at all.

    Besides, even if the RY spent the war bit of OP TELIC swanning around wearing their sweat rags like cravats and eating rat packs on linen tablecloths, at least we were there, as well as for most of the TELICs since. We've got some more going on TELIC 9: I'll make sure to remind them to stop acting like cnuts while they are there.

    Anyway, at least you're consistent and we're both on the same lady clothing wavelength:

  12. I'd been warned that the Cap Badge would change whilst I was away. I believe I'm the last person still wearing the Sharpshooters badge....

    But no one had warned me about this uniform update, but I suppose I must wear what I am ordered to wear.

    I may find it a little chilly on Salisbury Plain.
  13. Just because you've been to a war, doesn't mean you aren't a cnut...I've been to five and I am definitely one. I've got the red moleskins and a 150 tattersall check shirts and loud tweed jackets to prove it.

    Anyway, some of my best friends are Royal Yeomanry officers. (Any resemblance to the truth in that statement is purely co-incidental!)
  14. Fair one.
  15. Dr Evil, you plans are clearly failing. We need more RY cardigan photo's on this thread.