Royal Welsh Subaltern wins Olympic Diving Bronze for GB!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bravo_Bravo, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. Well young Bryn, Sir!


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  2. What the hell are you wittering on about?
  3. If you knew the young Subbie concerned, as I do, you'd know. ;)
  4. Did you bore the tits off him as well?
  5. I do know him and he thinks you're a cunt.

  6. You certainly dont know him from being on ops....
  7. snigger
  8. Is he shagging him?
  9. ....yawns..
  10. Quite right; he only Commissioned last year.

    Your latest Subbie, on the other hand ( you'll meet him soon enough) has done a Tour. Unlike me of course.
  11. So what youre saying is there are brand spanking new subbies, straight out the box who have already done an operational tour yet there is you, a plastic Warrant Officer whose nearest to being on an operational tour is going to an airport where trooping flights operate from?
  12. Come on, give us a bit more than that, im in suspense here over what the hidden meaning of that was!
  13. So basically, this thread is about someone who you know, that we don't who happens to look a little like Tom Daley.

    FFS, what a waste of bandwidth and oxygen (as used by BB in thinking that this was worth the effort)
  14. I know!

    Really bizarre, eh? ( hint; TA service prior to RMAS. )

    Even odder, I DS'd 1 RGR during their PDT!
  15. Well Done You. He is a near-double for Daley, btw, which is why I posted it. In the Infantry forum, too, to stop mouth breathers scribbling on it. ( = fail. )

    Unlike your sulking replies about something you don't understand about someone you don't know, of course.

    Thanks for your Most Illuminating contribution.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.