Royal Welsh Regiment?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bigjarofwasps, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I`d be interested to hear from anyone who served in the Royal Welsh Regiment, after it was the RWF but before it became the RW, who was awarded any medals.

  2. Sorry, can't answer your question but I'd be interested to know whether
    any descendent of the RWF still wears 'The Flash'
  3. H3

    H3 LE

    The Flash being the supposedly mock long black greased hair tucked into the collar at the back of the neck ........ yes the 1st and 2nd Battalion still wear this .
  4. Thanks for that.
    Although, to be pedantic, it's my understanding that the flash doesn't represent the hair but the protector, the cloth that was worn to protect the uniform from the, as you rightly say-greasy hair or 'queue'.
  5. H3

    H3 LE

    Sure I just watched something on a channel somewhere about it as it was the fashion to have Long hair many moons ago and when that all changed hence the Flash was born out of tradition ...... will look into it me thinks :0)
  6. :roll:

    There's a scroll telling the story of the flash in my old unit bar, it reads something like:

    Soldiers of this regiment were distinguishable by the unique feature of the "flash", consisting of five overlapping black silk ribbons (seven inches long for soldiers and nine inches long for officers) on the back of the uniform jacket at neck level.[1] This is a legacy of the days when it was normal for soldiers to wear pigtails. In 1808, this practice was discontinued, but the RWF were serving in America when the order to discontinue the use of the flash was issued. Upon their return they decided to retain the ribbons with which the pigtail was tied, and were granted this special concession by the King. The Army Board attempted to remove the flash during the First World War citing the grounds that it would help the Germans identify which unit was facing them. The King refused, stating that "The enemy will never see the backs of the Royal Welch Fusiliers"

  7. Bringing this back on topic if I may, I`ve found a guy who has medals named to the RWF & RW, so I know that conbination is available, but a medal named to the RWR remains illusive...........
  8. H3

    H3 LE

    Try getting in touch with the Museum in Brecon via

    Your aware that The Royal Welsh (of today ) is made up of RWF and RRW being 1st and 2nd Battalions respectively ... and The Royal Welsh Regiment (TA ) was made up from 3RWF and 2RRW of which I'm more than sure some lads from the Swansea area went to Bosnia ...... wish they'd stop changing things as it get's a bit out of hand with all the renaming !!!

    So those lads should have gongs for that tour ...... if that's what your asking for ?
  9. Cheers H3, thansts kind the thing I`m after but I`m more interested in named medals, like Iraq and the OSM that are named to the RWR as apposed to the RWF or RW.
  10. There aren't many who were deployed as RWR because it was only for a short space of time that we were designated RWR. Quite a few of those are still in though. Including myself. What are you looking for exactly?

  11. Hi Jack,

    Basically I`m after the proof of existance of any medals whether they been campaign or long service, anything named really to the RWR as appposed to the RWF or the RW. For collecting reasons. Look forward to hearing from you, if you can confirm any for me.

  12. I served on Telic 4, attached to 1 RWF (now 1 RW), and my medal is inscribed '12345678 PTE A B C JONES RWR'.

    Note the use of the rank of Private even those of us based in N. Wales were still cap-badged RWF and known by the rank of Fusilier (and still are).

  13. Cheers monkfish, thats confirmed the existance of named medals to the RWR up for me nicely.

    Very interesting to note that its named to Pte & not Fus!!!
    Where all medals issued to the RWR 1999-2006 named to Pte and not Fus?
    I assume that now the battalion has become the RW, that medals will go back to being named to Fus? Or was yours named in error? I have a mate in the RAMC whose medal is named to 123456 Lcpl ABC Jones TA!!!
  14. Just to put a spanner in the works, my mate who was 3RWF and later RWR was mobilised for Telic 1 and his medal says FUS Bloggs RWF, despite the fact that he was RWR at the time.

    I don't think there is a standard answer. I know two RAF Reservists and on one persons medal it says RAuxAF but on the other persons it says RAF!