Royal Welsh Fusiliers - HK 1970s anyone remember USMC Lt on exchange?

Just been reading an excellent book called Sacrifice by Cap Parlier, ex McDonnell Douglas AH-64 test pilot, also ex USMC AH-1G/J/T/W pilot, and USNTPS graduate. Book is about him helping a victim of Chernobyl to go to the USA for chemo and bone marrow transplant. The patient in question was Mil Helicopter Bureau test pilot who flew Mil-26 dropping concrete on the reactor, one of many. The whole adventure ended up starting from the Helitech 1989 show at Redhill where the Russians brought over the Mil-28 and Mil-26

Anyhow Cap Parlier before attending flight school, was an infantry officer in the Corps and ended up exchanged to the Fusiliers in HK from when he was stationed in Japan. Thereafter he ended up in the final stages of Vietnam war.

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