Royal Welch Fusiliers when do they re-badge?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by pmc_abo, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. When do the above become the Royal Welch (or is it Royal Welsh) and are they to become 1 or 2 Royal Welch?

    Where do you find the capbadge for an online perusal?

    Thanks, why are they so under-mentioned on this site?
  2. Army web site link: The Royal Welsh

    I don't know which monkey they let near the keyboard but they could have done better!
  3. Is this the first of the new FIS regiments to come into being? It seems to have suddenly arrived (next week) with barely a whimper? Hopefully not all will be so "low key".
  4. The merger did not arrive with a wimper, for those who live in Wales they will have noticed the media campaign from early Jan 06. The date of the merger is 1st Mar 06 if you have to ask why, then its probably best to do some research before you go public. As for the monkey who typed the quote we like to employ the english for the more mundane tasks.
  5. The merger is not frought with bickering or backstabbing so "No bad Press".
    Unlike the RRS (Right Republic Of Scotland).
  6. Their website aint half bad!

    Edited: for mong typing and not proof reading
  7. It has been far from painless and I think that you will find that there has been considerable bickering, maily from the old and bold. On the other hand, my information has it that, the regular battalions have decided to get on with it and are behaving in a very adult manner.

    This amalgamation or whatever it is called seems so pointless but we have no choice - they could have cross posted officers and soldiers without taking away the individual identities of the two regiments (they had already bitten the bullet in the Welsh TA). I am not all sure about the long term future of the 'small' 'large regiments'. Maybe they should have thrown the Welsh Guards in the melting pot too and given the Welsh soldiers 3 battalions in the same regiment to choose from. The Royal Welch are (until Dai's day) unamalgamated for over 300 years and the upstart Guards are the ones who get off scot free.
  8. Light Role.
    Square Bashing in London.....................
    Take yer pick?
  9. Most of the argument amongst the old and bold has been about the reasoning behind changes not so much the amalgamation. I think the two Regts will just get on with it. Interestingly I believe the RWF are playing in the Army Rubgy Cup Final on the 1st March (amalgamation Day) but I know not under which Regtl name, RWF or 1RW?
  10. They will play under the correct title of 1 Royal Welsh, please note the spelling of "Welsh". However when then win the cup will be engraved 1 Royal Welsh (The Royal Welch Fusiliers), this the full and complete title to apease all the dinosaurs who ignore what serving members want and rant on about thier two years national service. Was that bitter and twisted? Oh well.