Royal Wedding Question

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Didosdadsdogsdead, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. Mrs DDDD has a question regarding todays nuptials, she's not interested in the ring :blush: or what the bride is wearing, nope, she wants to know who's job it is to pick up the equine faecal matter that's deposited by the dobbins as they trot up and down the mall.

    If there's a cav type out there with the answer please feel free to enlighten her.
  2. Not sure but if Mrs DDDD wanted to pick some up as a souvenir of the event i doubt anyone would stop her.
  3. Any soldier who is on extras or who has been charged within London District at the moment has been detailed to be on Royal Poop Scoop duties. They are detailed to pick up the manure and later spread it on the flowerbeds at St James Palace to feed the roses.
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  4. I imagine a certain Caledonian Facefoook user will be playing a largeish role in the poop operations, in that case.
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  5. Probably this ******


    He can use his crap attempt at a Jonny Bravo hairstyle to scoop up the shite.
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  6. 2 questions following on from that

    1. Why has the groom decided to get married in the uniform of the Irish Guards? as opposed to the regiment he's commisioned into or the service he is currently employed by

    2. how the fcuk do you get all that under your lid?
  7. Because it's a wedding and not a civil partnership.
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  8. Wrong!! It's a Westminster street sweeper machine. Know this for a fact as it does it for the troop and the bloke covered my boots and tweeds in horse shit and dirty water.
  9. You took the words right out of my mouth........... Wedding Walt!!!

  10. 1. a foot guards tunic looks so smart its got a phd from oxford
    Would anyone admit to being in the raf? I wouldn't after there stirling work at the afghan -UK airbridge! Haha
  11. A sure fast way to kill the roses.
  12. Royal wedding: Prince William marries in Irish Guards red - Telegraph

    Prince William will be married in the famous red tunic of the Irish Guards today as senior royals don full military uniform for the occasion.
    In place of the bearskin, worn on ceremonial occasions, Prince William will wear a simple forage cap bearing the regiment’s felicitous motto: Quis Separabit? (Who shall separate us?).

    His decision to wear the Irish Guards Mounted Officer’s uniform, in Guard of Honour Order, was welcomed as a tribute to a battalion that has recently returned from an arduous tour in Afghanistan.

    It may also reflect the Royal family’s wish to demonstrate the strengthening of ties between London and Dublin ahead of the Queen’s historic state visit to Ireland next month.

    But the Prince’s choice of Army dress was said to have “disappointed” some of his colleagues in the RAF, with whom he works as a search and rescue helicopter pilot.

    It is customary for senior members of the Royal family to be given the title of high ranking officers in the Armed Forces, and traditional for them to wear military uniform to major royal weddings.
  13. Why? Horse manure as a mulch is great for roses.
  14. Well rotted farm or horse manure are excellent, but do make sure that it is well rotted as fresh manure can burn the roots of plants.
  15. It needs to rot down for 12 months otherwise will burn the roots