Royal Wedding - Public Holiday

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by andyl0183, May 12, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know if the armed forces are going to get an extra days leave added to JPA for the royal wedding? I looked on my JPA account last week and it still said that I had been given 38 days leave for this year.

    I'm fed up of hearing teachers getting an extra days leave because they were already on holiday over easter. Nice one, close the schools on random days when the parents are at work!!!
  2. I think it was a piss poor idea giving us a public holiday for 'the wedding'. They should have got married on a Saturday instead.
  3. Well I for one had an awesome few days off over that weekend. Went down to the smoke with the missus and we spoilt ourselves rotten. Was fascinating to see the guards and cavalry cutting around doing their thing (not just on the Friday).

    I'm not a teacher or office worker with a buckhee day off, I'm a freelance telecoms engineer and didn't get paid a penny for the privilege. Maybe if you had stopped to make the best of the occasion you might of enjoyed yourselves instead of finding something else in your life to whine about.

  4. 38 days holiday! blimey i get 24 and have to fit in with other people. Hurrah for an extra day's public holiday, let's have Trafalgar Day as well (23rd October) We get less holidays than Europe,if we have to be in it, let's have the perks
  5. hear hear!
  6. Military gets 28 days plus 10 days in lieu of Bank holidays, so not really much better than your 24 is it?
  7. The boy says yes! He's just finished adding it to JPA for his Regt!
  8. 30 Days plus 8 Bank Holidays, always has been for my 16 lowly yrs. It's recently they decided to just add the 8 days to our annual allowance. Giving us 38 days. Only real difference now is we don't just get the BH off, we have to put a leave pass in for it, wonder how many don't bother and end up getting the day off under the radar?
  9. Only 28 days is a right, the rest is discretion. It appears I was wrong on the amount of PH but the JSP is not crystal clear apart form the fact you should expect a minimum of 28 days
  10. Roll on the next batch of RenLeave, does anyone know when that kicks in?
  11. Fairy by law if your working a 5 day week your entitled to 28 days holiday.