Royal wedding lives up to expectations!

I have to point out to my own personal joy today that the Royal wedding lived up to my expectations!

As a few of you know, some piss taking has happened over the ginger pygmy YTS scheme boy posted with The Lifeguards that fell off during rehersals.

Well today - The Fricking Dinks (More formerly known as the Blues & Royals) managed to throw another man off during the actual escort! Nice one guys!

Is there no end to the amount of coverage you desperately seek on the big day? I caught the end of it (The horse) on OK wedding crap, 'cos it's on before Police interceptors and much to my joy I saw that black sheepskin hammering it down Whitehall at a rate of knots!
If you want some advice, take a leaf from your senior sister regiment and make sure you fall of in THE REHERSALS! Or, you can do a Big Des H and fall off on the square whilst trying to get mounted AND on Blue Peter while they filmed, but lets keep it in the camp eh??!!

Good parade thou, always good to see the boys (Both regt's) doing it spot on.

Well done HCMR

link - check it out at 39 secs, if you have the actually rider coming off - Please stick it on her for me!

YouTube - Royal Wedding Loose Horse Kate and William
Whats the likely "sentence" for a crime of this magnitude within the current HCR Kangeroo Court system?
I presume that the red faced trooper in question can expect to be "crated" at least? Personally i'd pin the bloke down and flog his arrse with a soggy size 12 flip flop until his cheeks matched the colour of a Lifeguards tunic. One "lash" across the gary glitter with the flip flop for every year the Regiments existed would seem a reasonable punishment.
I think a crate is a must! But in the 2 & 1/2 years I was mounted, I only knew of Lifeguards to come of on rehersals! None from my troop, rememer Bobby S in Nov 98, he got to keep his curasses after he was stood on them by his horse whilst wearing them, then on the Trooping in 99 Capt P-S managed to come off hitting his head on the curb, knocking himself out!

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