Royal Wedding Honeymoon?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by foodie, Nov 16, 2010.

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  1. As we've all seen today in the news the royal wedding has been anounced, and congrats to them. Now its time to lower the tone slightly!

    They have the pick of the worlds best destinations for there honeymoon to choose from; but where would you want them to go? Pap pic of them eating a fish supper whilst strolling down the Pleasure Beach? Clearing Minefields in memory of Mum?

    As a spin off whats the stag do going to be? God knows what will happen if his brother and the Greek plan it! The tabloids will have a field day with that one!

    Weapons free boys!
  2. "Maddy hunting" in Portugal?
  3. Prestatyn.

    For both events.
  4. Not sure the Portugese authorities would appreiate HRHs shouting "PULL" as kids run across the beach evading incoming shotgun rounds! No 3 Shot in 32g should do it though!
  5. Paris... meal at the Ritz followed by a nice drive?
  6. Harsh.

    and some other stuff.
  7. Best give the Royal Travel Insurance brokers a ring before they book that one.
  8. What about a chinook flight over the scottish highlands.
  9. Yachting around East Africa?
  10. What about a quick late night trip to a highly reccomended "nite spot" in a Cape township
  11. Saudi, making a live video record.
    As for the stag do, I happen to know he has a fetish for fat birds in the RLC. So who wants to oranise it?
  12. Just had big Phil on the phone. He's not to impressed with Kate so I'm under orders to fire up the white Fiat Uno.
  13. Well that settles it, a night out in Gutersloh it is then! Bar-celonas for a shit meal then off to nails bar! Phil can even pop into the midnight lounge for a hubbly bubbly pipe and abuse immigrants!
  14. Do you know how few pub's there are in Prestatyn?

  15. What about a few swift ones in The Polo Bar, Marbella before moving on to somewhere less salubrious?