Royal Wedding Footman

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JonnyAlpha, Apr 29, 2011.

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  1. OK, I am not an expert in pomp and ceromony, but I am sure there was something wrong with some of the footmans dress today. Most notably the footman in the carriage behind Prince William, the gold braid on his uniform looked like he'd taken it to the wrong dry cleaners, or he had washed it in with his darks, it was clearly dull compared to the bright shiny uniform of his colleague next to him.

    Any comments.
  2. in keeping with almost every other royal wedding thread today

    kate & pippa in the bedroom with the doubleender
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  3. Probably just an older jacket, handed down over the years, so has lost some of its lustre.
  4. Don't do that every time someone mentions Pippa I have to crack one out.

    My knob looks like Rudolph the reindeers ******* nose after a heavy binging session.
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  5. Royal wedding? **** off, it would have been on the news I'm sure. Definetly some one would have mentioned it.
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  6. Probably "Close Protection Officer" in disguise!
  7. Exactly, didn't look like your standard footman, read that they were the met's SO14 close protection specialists.

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  8. Might not have been close protection but certainly looked like he ate all the pies!
  9. This!

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  10. Eh, I had my eyes on both those footmen.

    I couldn't see any fancy schmancy 'ear piece' or black bars across the eyes but I am convinced that both those guys were members of 'Them' just playing a part. Albeit rather shoddily.
  11. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    gold braid! what about harry's? last time I saw something like that it was holding back the curtains at the royal opera house in scarborough!
  12. I thought the guy with the shiny uniform had a defiant crease as though he was carrying a firearm plus his eyes where swinging from side to side, faster than my eagle eyed action man. The chap sitting next to him with the glasses looked a bored as hell, although I had to laugh when they arrived at Buckingham Palace and instead of pulling the train on her dress out so it would flow as she walked off. He just gathered it all up and dumped it right behind her.
  13. I'd agree that one of the Footmen was a 'Close Protection Officer' and yes the other looked like the Pie muncher.

    As for Harry's Blues, a Red stripe the width of the Channel and yes Gold something or other from the Opera House, or a Bazillion Admiral.

  14. Cant say I noticed much about the footmen etc.

    I did see The Navy displaying a standard of drill akin to a billy smart circus parade.

    I did also notice the line of met officers standing back from the line of bobbies facing the crowd carrying MP5,s Overtly. Is this a first for a route to be lined like that on a state occasion ?
  15. [​IMG]


    Must admit I had a close look at those two also.