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Discussion in 'RLC' started by CH512O, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. Whats the longest time anyone has had to wait?
    Just realised i have never got mine since i was sub July 2009! I take it you go to your Chief Clerk type bloke (or bird) and they can hasten?? Although i heard its not really worth waiting for?!
  2. I spoke to Glasgow recently on the same subject. Apparently the Warrant Parchment printer has been U/S for Months and there is a back log!
    I waited 3 years but mainly due to my lack of interest.
  3. I started wearing in June 2008 and got my warrant in August 2010.
  4. <<Pedantic mode on>>

    Chief Clerk is now an RAOWO and generally fat, and the last person to help.

    <<Pedantic mode off>>
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  5. It will take an age! I submitted a parchment request striaght, after wearing since 2010, still not recieved it! Good luck!
  6. I think you are going to be disappointed.
  7. Try submitting a 'piece of paper' request.
  8. Is toilet paper still part of the stationary demand?
  9. took me 3 months to get mine but a lad picked up on the same board and promoted at the same time still hasn't had his. Pot Luck?
  10. A mate of mine (yes I have a couple) sent his back with a covering letter along the lines of 'my three year old can produce better than this piece of shite'.
  11. Whatalotofoldbollox........ I'll hang mine in my step-son's play room when it finally materialises. The speshsal cnut will enjoy the intricate art work, in all honesty.
  12. 10 years - 2002 and still seen zip all, but not bothered since HM stopped signing them a few years before that.
  13. Threw mine in the bin with a load of other old tat after I left. It wasn't worth buying a frame for.
  14. The warrant itself is truly pump! Laser copied shite. However the mess did a really good job of framing it! I say it I got two as the first one followed me around afghan Iraq and the Uk!
  15. Picked up Apr 06 and received the warrant about 18 months later, luckily, the RSM at the time had the mess pay for to be framed.