Royal Vegetables not good enough for Sainsburys

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by romach, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. [align=center]Prince's veg fails store's test

    Prince Charles loves all things green and environmental
    The Prince of Wales has been dropped by Sainsbury's as a supplier because it says his organic vegetables do not meet the right standards.
    Sainsbury's cited "quality issues" with the carrots from Highgrove.

    A Clarence House spokeswoman said there were "difficulties relating to packing, distribution and storage".

    The store has also stopped accepting carrots from Patrick Holden, the head of the Soil Association, who blamed the centralisation of supply.

    Mr Holden told BBC Radio Five Live his carrots were being sent by truck from his farm in Wales to a packing plant in Peterborough.

    "Our priority has to be fresh, quality produce or customers will not buy it"
    Sainsbury's spokeswoman

    Once wrapped, they were then delivered back to eight Sainsbury's stores near his farm via a depot in Bristol.

    Mr Holden, director of the organic food and farming charity, said he was de-listed because of "quality issues", which were "at least in part caused by transport".

    "The truth is if you buy your carrots in Sainsbury's, they will only come from this one pack house in Peterborough," he said.

    "I haven't got anything in for Sainsbury's. My issue is that all supermarkets have adopted this policy of centralisation of supply."

    He said he and Prince Charles were "casualties" of the system, which impacted on thousands of small farms and caused products to have larger carbon footprints.

    Mr Holden and the Prince's farm in Highgrove, Gloucestershire, were sacked as suppliers of carrots at the end of January.

    Prince Charles takes a look at how the Americans do organic

    Sainsbury's said there were "significant" quality issues with the carrots from Highgrove, branded Duchy Carrots, because they had been stored for three to four months before being taken to the packing plant.

    A spokeswoman said: "Our priority has to be fresh, quality produce or customers will not buy it.

    "We have already gone to great lengths to help these farmers and will continue to work with them to find a solution."

    A Clarence House spokeswoman said the "short trial" to provide a small number of carrots ended with Sainsbury's decision not to continue stocking the vegetables.

    "There were difficulties relating to packing, distribution and storage," she added.
  2. This is shop owned by Tonys mate the science minister! Also a donor to new labour. Will he also do the right thing and resign too?
  3. Although, please note, their objections to a larger carbon footprint were only raised after Sainbury's pulled the plug.
  4. Larger Carbon Footprint - Is that not the new PC way of says your products cost too much and our margins are too low!

    I mean there's poor old Charles, not exactly a rocket scientist (is he?) trying to grow veg to make ends meet when the corporate suits try to screw the lettle farmers over!

    I think this topic should have been in the Naafi section.
  5. When it said "Royal Vegetables Not Good Enough For Sainsburys" in the title, I thought the royal family were coming in for some more stick for where they shop. Instead, I find this very dull thread.

    It had potential.

  6. I wonder if Edward shops in sainsburys or is that a task too far?
  7. Sainsburys only pay lip service to the concept of ethical/environmental sourcing of their produce.
    I was in a large Sainsburys last week, looking for apples and tomatoes, both of which are traditionally grown in this country. Did they have any from the UK? not a chance. Chile, South Africa, Peru, Venezuela, USA, yes, UK, no.
    Its farcical when the food on your plate represents sufficient food miles to circumvent the globe.
  8. I may well be wrong, but aren't apples still ripening in the UK, and so if you want fresh, they have to come from abroad? Which is at the heart of the matter, people want a consisitant, not seasonal supply. The supermarkets are only providing (albeit in a ruthless manner) what the punters want.
  9. Charles, apparently, talks to his plants. Damn right I don't want to buy them, considering the grot he was taped saying to Camilla:

    "Charles replied - a touch less lyrically - that he would like to 'live inside your trousers', possibly as a tampon."

    Imagine where the carrots have been.

  10. ...and for 2-3 months according to the article...yuck.
  11. I thought for a moment the thread was about Charles
    A right Royal Spastic - sorry Vegetable!
  12. :D :D :D
  13. A wealthy Royal Spastic taking from the Cornish people. The news today said he had taken a few million pounds from being the Duchy Of Cornwall last year, £15 million. What does he give back to the Cornish people?

    People talk about what he gives back through the Princes trust, but what does it really cost him? NOTHING. IT'S OUTRAGEOUS!