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Should the government reinstate the Royal Tournament?

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Should the government reinstate the Royal Tournament?

Having been involved in 2 Royal Tournament's (every show was packed out) it made me wonder why on earth did they stop it, I always thought it was a brilliant show and a good recruitment drive for the 3 services, and I believe even now it would be a good thing to reinstate purely for monies for service charities and for the general public to see what the HM Forces do.
Can't afford blokes for Afghan, never mind pomp and ceremony. Anyway, any monies raised, will be clawed back into the MOD's piggy bank, to help buy ergonomic chairs for high ranking civil serpants in Main building.
We should never have allowed ourselves to be placed in a position where we had to stop it! But that was the decision at the time as the politicians cut the budget.

Bring it back!

I can't think of how many "interest groups" would be deeply offended by this terribly retrograde move. Are we not moving ahead toward a MultiCultural Utopia? Such a scheme would remind the er, various cultures that we are not really "we" at all.
I was lucky enough to have worked at one and watched the last one. Bring it back. In these days of high revenue TV I'm surprised we couldn't sell the TV rights to pay for it.
I am proud to admit that I watched the last ever gun run at the Royal Tournament in '99 whilst on a day trip as an apprentice tradesman.

Such a shame to loose it. I'm sure it costs a fortune but with money made from tickets sales they must make most of it back. You never know, the 3500 deficit in the Army may even be filled.

Bring it back before it's too late.
I was privileged to see the last one... Too young to properly appreciate it, but it was damn good! Why was it stopped anyway?
h-bomb said:
I don't think iv ever seen it :-( but would love for it to come back.
Well, here it is, along with it's companion volume on DVD for those who would wish to engage in a little harmless nostalgia!

Extract from wiki:

The Grand Military Tournament and Assault at Arms was held at the former Royal Agricultural Hall, in Islington from 21st to 26 June 1880. The Tournament was effectively a series of competitions contested by the officers and men of the regular and auxiliary units of the Army. Although crowds didn’t flock to the Tournament in the first year, it was held again in 1881 and subsequent years.

More audience friendly acts were added including music from military bands, re-enactments, Musical Rides by the Cavalry and Musical Drives by the Artillery. Crowds began to flock to performances at the Agricultural hall and during the early 1900’s the show outgrow its home and moved to the west London venue of Olympia. The Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force also became involved. The show was renamed a number of times until it finally became the Royal Tournament.

After the Second World War, the Tournament once again moved to a larger stage and opened its doors to the public at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre. With the exception of the war years, the Tournament was staged every summer from 1880 to 1999. On Monday 2 August 1999, the Royal Tournament closed for the final time. after the ruling Labour party decided it would be a good cost-cutting measure. However, the Edinburgh Tattoo has since remained an active part of the British culture. Nevertheless the Royal Tournament entered the history books as the First, Oldest & Biggest Military Tattoo in the World.

Cheers Labour, you fuddled fcukwits......and your supporters. A tradition since 1880, pissed against the wall for your socialist ideals.
Why was the Tournament stopped?

Because Princess Tony couldn't get any kudos from it and his spin doctors couldn't make it a 'New Labour vehicle'.

As I recall, there were plans (and an attempt) to stage a 'mini Edinburgh Tattoo' on Horseguards (one show only and that died on its arse) if it had succeeded, doubtless Bliar would have claimed credit and found funding.

I'm sure that a reinstated Tournament could be a good recruiting tool, if not directly, then at a subliminal level as well as a charity fund raiser.

Bring back the Tournament.

I worked at one in 93 and can only echo the praise expressed here. But the income from the shows may not have been high enough to justify them continuing as IIRC one of the celebrities from "Gladiators"(remember that?) - "Hunter" think it was, was brought in to boost audience figures - fighting one of the service members with a padded club.
Plenty of money for the Dome, the Olympics etc but none for the Royal Tournament. If it wasn't so sad it would almost be farcical.
It was one of the best recruiting tools for the Services that there has ever been.
I can remember going to it as a little chap and thinking "That's what I want to do when I grow up". After that, nothing else mattered
After all, what;s the old Jesuit saying "Give me the child, and I will mould the man."
Fond memories of the 2 tournaments that I was involved in, happy days shagging myself stupid with a very obliging Sailor girl.

I think that it was quite good for recruiting as well!

One day the Treasury will learn that there is a "Cost-Benefit" analysis that applies to the Royal Tournament.

Yes ... it's time away from "core business" for loads of people [Mrs B_S was RAF Adj one year] but it puts the Military [all 3 Services] in the public eye again and again and again, through attendances and TV/Press coverage.

The Military are special, and it needs something like this, instead of a TV or newspaper advert, to bring that across.

IMO, of course ...
My children loved it and we took a few other kids along with us. We went to Earls Court for many years and it was a top family night out.

All very sad when it ended.

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