royal tournament

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PISX_STAINED_PANTS, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. Should we / could we resurrect The Royal Tournament? :police:
  2. With the current state of Funding for the forces could we justify it

    I for one think we should never have finished the Tournament, but now it has gone brining it back would be difficult, maybe make it every other year with something like the RIAT at fairford in the other or even make it tri-ennial with a Naval based event to make a three way event
  3. They got really, really crap towards the end. Much of that was due to over commitment and tri-service media commissariat types having no taste, style or imagination. Seeing as both variables haven't really changed, my vote is to keep them a happy memory.
  4. Yes we should,however in the meantime there is the Royal Windsor tattoo !
  5. Hell Yes !
  6. RAF have RIAT and to a lesser degree, Waddington (Farnborough is IMHO a rather distasteful arms fair).
    RN have Navy Days which are rather good.
    The Army certainly needs something - the cat-strangling crap running up in Scotshire frankly doesn't count. How about WED/SuperWED twinned with the old BAEE format? It doesn't need Olympia and it doesn't need to be tri-service.
  7. I think it was a Labour party manifesto pledge to bin the Tournament and Blair certainly alluded to its demise whilst he was leader of the opposition. Let's face it, the Tournament was a vicarious celebration of the nation's pride, history and traditions - all qualities that Labour despise. No surprise then that George Robertson should announce it's end soon after taking office and before the completion of the SDR.
  8. FFS do you blame the government if your milk goes sour?
  9. As opposed to you, who still thinks Thatcher stole it.
  10. Yes because they got rid of the milk marketing board and are thus destroying the UK dairy industry. The more we import the more chance it will be older and thus sour.
  11. Child like appreciation of the subject comes to mind?
  12. The Royal Tournament came to end because it could not be sustained by the MoD who produced it. The Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo is a pale and rather unsatisfactory attempt to restage it with all the worst aspects of the old RT (kids in shell suits doing formation dancing and military musicians in state kit trying to be pop singers – ugh!) and none of the good bits (particularly the Command Field Gun Competition). There is a rumour that the ABF are trying to bring back an updated version of the RT at Earls Court organised by professional producers using military assets. Let’s hope the rumour is right!
  13. I think it should be reinstated because I would personally fill my pants at the hilarity of entrants from the Afghan/ Iraq massed bands and the Modern Warfare 2 display team band all on a Kazoo march off competition.
  14. In the old days there were in fact three yearly tatoos The Royla Tornament, at Earls Court, Edinburgh, and Cardiff Castle,I well remember the Globe pub full of Borderers dressed up as zulus
  15. Tropper66, and the Colchester one. I went there many times as a youngster and always enjoyed it.

    I agree, I have enjoyed RIAT and the navy days in recent years (both are regulars on my calendar) but the army don't offer anything much at all apart from the events Windsor and Edinburgh, neither of which are quite on the same scale.