Royal takes self promotion too far!

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Is this on here yet? I heard the report on the 6 o'clock news this evening on the wireless on the way home:

BBC News - Royal Marine wore sergeant's uniform to wedding while still a corporal

The punch line is that the chap has been promoted to Sgt now anyway!

On a similar note, our chum Beharry VC appeared at his own nuptials a week or so ago sporting the rig of a Sgt - assuming that he hasn't been promoted, who is going to have the balls to charge him?
Was there not a thread at the time that its legal (army) to go "one rank up" when getting married?

Not sure about cabbage heads though
It's not legal to go one rank up in any service it's an overlloked fad and the booties must be really pleased with themselves.
You're right about the illegality of course but probably his downfall was in pretending to be a King's Badgeman.
I think that would have put him beyond the pale with his colleagues, never mind his superiors.

Once you go down the discipline route though, you likely have to include all the offences.

Wonder at what point in the CM proceedings did he realise that his sash was the wrong way around?
I think the issue here was that it wasn't his wedding, so the 'rank up' didn't apply. He just wore it for the sake of it.
Isn't it strange how you can extrapolate something from the title of a thread?

I thought that Prince Charles had started calling himself King, or something.
I thought you got local 1 rank up for the day on marriage, as in legal, published on part 2's etc
Not only do you get local 1 rank up on your wedding day but you can call a bus full of nurses from Rinteln in to entertain the best man and his cronies.
His Facebook "friends" were a bit cuntish to grass him up to the papers like. Granted everybody wants more money in their bank account but to do it at the expense of a colleague's reputation and career is a bit ******* jack. It must have been a fellow booty who noticed his medals were out of the ordinary coz i doubt anyone else would know what gongs he was entitled to wear.


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