Royal sigs, will i tour?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Matt007, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. Hi all was just sat here reading arrse and was wondering what are my chances of volunteering for a tour in afghanistan once ive completed all my training, ive been told that our squadron wouldnt deploy as a unit, but we have a couple of guys that have been to iraq, i dont know them well enough yet to ask how the got on, basically being a radio/system op would i spend my time in a comms room somewhere or would i be able to volunteer to attach to an inf/armoured unit?
  2. If they are in your unit you do know them well enough to ask how it was. Just go up and ask them, they won't mind. Don't be shy.
    If you want to go on tour then have a word with your troop sgt or PSAO and let them know your intentions.
  3. If your joining the TA with the intention of going on tour, avoid joining the royal signals at all costs! tour opportunities seem to be few and far between (especially in 2 sig bde)

    Secondly as for getting attached to An inf roled or armored unit it can happen (i managed it by pure fluke) but its the exception rather than the rule, and your more likely to end up spending six months in an airconditioned commcen.

    if you want to get out on the ground go infantry (or even atillery or engineers) to start with, the use of the TA infantry is expanding whereas the TA sigs have no real role and many forsee cuts to come.

    What other units are in your area?
  4. Maybe in 2 Sig Bde but there are other TA Signals units
    Depends who you go with you could spend quite a bit of time in the FOB's
    My bold.
    Really Many forsee it? You might forsee it matey but it don't mean its gonna happen does it. There are Royal Signals units your there with "real" roles.

    If you want to join the Signals then brilliant, join. Don't expect to be leopard crawling aroung Helmand 24/7. Thats not to say there arn't some interesting roles in the Signals though.
  5. Mate,

    If you want to deploy to Afghanistan and get out on the ground then join the Infantry as it is the only job that will guarantee to deliver on that promise. Nothing against the Sigs, but I have met a number of them over the years who can't seem to get mobilised despite trying for years (some thing to do with their units role in UK) and those that do are almost exclusively sat behind the wire. Even those that do get attached to Inf coys (and you're looking at no more than 2 blokes per Coy) will most likely spend the entire tour in the FOB. Now being stuck in a FOB might still be warry compared to the comcen in Bastion, but it's still back at camp as far as a Rifle platoon is concerned i.e. you're not going to often get a chance to go out on patrol. Not saying never, it does happen but even if you do its not like youre going to get a chance to kick down doors and storm compounds as the Coy siggie is it?

    Grow a pair of balls, man up and go Infantry!
  6. Sorry i should have caveated this with "except 43 Sig Sqn" lets face it if he wants the opportunity to do INF stuff don't join the signals
  7. Thanks for the replies guys! Sorry i didnt respond sooner ive had internet troubles :)

    I joined the royal signals because it was a bit different, i was just wondering if i would deploy at all, my unit is part of the uk national comms so primarily i think we do UK stuff above all else. Id just like to "do my bit" if the chance comes along, if thats sat inside the wire at bastion or running around attached to another coy then thats cool :)
  8. Not just 43 Sig Sqn. There are other signals units that have different roles. Yes if anyone wants to do INF stuff the clearly any Corps is the wrong choice. Which is what I said above. Just cos you see 2 Sig Bde as rubbish and you "forsee"a lot of Sigs units being cut don't mean its not for some.
  9. Well it depends on your Sqn Ops Team to a great deal, if they are on the ball, have the support of the chain of command and you're haven't done anything silly recently, then there are opportunities. In my unit (which is for better or worse part of 2 Sig Bde) we've had two Signallers recently on Telic and in one of our sister Sqns, a couple of Sigs have just pushed out Herrick to go into rear link roles. The opportunities are there for you IF you have the support your your unit, if not then it will be virtually impossible to get out on tour.

    If you just want a "tour" and aren't specifically bothered where then there is a Kosovo Tp which is deploying regularly out which is formed from 2 Sig Bde personnel. I can't remember what the rank range if though, but your unit should know. Equally if you want somewhere hot, but necessarily rough, then there is Tosco (Cyprus) which currently 32 Sig Regt are running with, later this year 40 Sig Regt are deploying and then back end of 2010, 71 Sig Regt are going out there (and interestingly the back fill is meant to come from 2 Sig Bde only, not other cap badged units).

    As for roles, it depends on what you want and how you're traded, Rad Ops and Techs are the mostly useful, with Rad Ops generally being in greater demand, certainly on Telic/Herrick there is a good chance you could get attached willingly or not to a Inf unit.
  10. if you want a tour in afghanistan... join the REME's... need high BARB but its a similar field... electronics (signals is comms and IT right?) so you should be ok...

    i was told that after phase 2 your guaranteed at least 1 tour in iraq/afghanistan (obviously not iraq anymore)

    oh wait... your TA... well then i dunno... w/e just book a commercial flight to afghanistan... take £20 for a gun and go mad! (at the taliban)
  11. Matt007

    Sticky is quite wrong, I am in a 2 Sig Bde unit and I have deployed to Iraq as Force Protection, our Sqn has had Sqn members out in Iraq, Afgan (with 216 PARA Sig Sqn), Kosovo & Cyprus. There are alot of chances for tours. You may or may not be in a role as your trade it depends on what slots need to filled at the time. Speak to the guys in your unit who have been out.

    When you say finish your training recruits and trade training get some esperience behind you then ask for a tour.

  12. Concure with STILTS, finish your training, get some experience on exercise etc, maybe pickup a mil skills course or two and then talk to your Ops Team e.g. SPSI. The likehood of you getting ops based training on 2 Bde kit is not high, but there is Bowman kit lurking around (we have man portable sets and should be getting vehicle borne kit soon, and I gather the other Regt's in 2 Bde will be as well), and FFRs are basically the same everywhere you go more or less. So once you're capable on the net, got ideally good voice discipline etc and can rig an antenna configuration or two, then see about a tour. Any inf unit will need Rad Ops who can understand what needs to be done and any kit your not familiar with (probably Bowman) then you'll get some training on Optag and the rest will be realtime in the field!
  13. My unit is in 2 bde so thanks for the replies guys, looks like ill get out what i put in so to speak :) Anyway ive got a fair way to go before i finish training so ill keep my head down and see how it goes
  14. hi i have a question for any one in the know!

    i am 23 and currently looking at joining the TA, i would like to join the Royal Signals but am not sure if i am making the corect choice as all i have read on this site is bad things about the uk based ops and that is something i think i would enjoy.

    I am also unsure about operational tour as this seems to be unclear when you look in to this when joining a (uk based ops) regiment.
  15. does anyone know why there is less tour opportunity in 2bde as this is something i am currently trying to find out ?