royal signals

a friend of mine is joing the royal signals, thay have done the paper work(in may2009 i think). is there a recruiting cap going on or is it normally this slow.
Its only 3 months since he applied.

I suggest 'your friend' goes to the CIO he is elisting at and asks the friendly recruiting Sgt.
Not to mention all that white noise, insecant bleeping, dit dahing and general radio static type melarky, all those flashing lights blah blah blah :D
They don't issue these nervous twitches, you have to earn them!
Interesting! jack-daniels are you indicating that the Signals are no longer swift nor sure?

Does anyone know if there are still spaces left in the Signals? I was told a few months ago that there were a number of spots for the Operator and Engineer roles - is this still the case?
Romeo_47 said:
Took me five months from the very first time i went into the ACIO to i went to basic. Keep your patience
My problem is with an exam board, although I have A-levels these do not mean anything without my GCSE's, of which I have lost the certificates for. I could sign up for the Operator role at the moment but I was hoping to wait for the 'COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS ENGINEER'.

How are you getting on? Worth the wait?
Well... it was, just got to have patience. Army has a huge influx of people joining because of this "credit crunch" so things as you would imagine are slow due to the amount of people applying causing big waiting times at ATR's
jack-daniels said:
Kookookaachoo said:
blackrat_scaleyback said:
Signals is it? Is he insane? Good luck to the bloke.
Why? What's wrong with the signals ?
Certa Cito......quicker by post!
Certa Citrus........Swift & Jiffed.

To answer your question, the signals has the best and the worst of the Army in it and some real fecking head the balls to boot. Join it and see. You'll not regret it. :D
kookoo I passed ADSC a few weeks back with a high B and have a start date for November. I think there are a few places left, if not you only have to wait until jan/feb.

just to add I'm going CS Eng route
I first went to the recruiting office when I was 14, of course in those days it was preferable to mucking out the lepers.
So anyway, there I was, me and David Bowie both going for the same RTG post ya see. So the Sergeant comes out- proper Sergeant he was, was at Mafeking with Baden Powell, that's where Baden Powell wrote the screenplay for 'Break Dance II Electric Boogaloo.'

Where was I?
Oh yeah, so the Sergeant comes out, see and he sez, "Right, Bowie, Rigsby. You two in the quadrangle, stripped to the waste, two men enter one man leaves."

What happened? Well let's put it like this. I didn't become an uber rich rock god and Bowie don't know no morse, ya dig.

Does that help?
Mitch99 said:
Hope you like sitting around garages all day, polishing copper whips and playing ball tag.
He might get sent to a working Troop my soft skinned work shy chum!!
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