Royal Signals White Helmets - Opening show!

Well there ya go! All the fun of the fair with just as much excitement.... especially the bit where one of the Royal Signals freefall display team whistled into the trees! In true display fashion he was cut down and (branch removed), managed to join the rest of "the chaps" to take the SOinC's salute, HOORAH!

Bands were in fine form, the initial young riders were top notch and the Garrison Orderly Sergeant was looking damn smart in his squeaky NEW blue sash! :lol:

As far as the White Helmets were concerned.... one can only surmise that it was a successful show by the fact that there were no bits of helmet, torn uniform, or skin on the arena floor at the conclusion! There was the odd "wobbly" bit but heh.... this is the opening show. It was very windy and there were many new riders in the team! In fairness.... i wouldn't do that Irish whip thingy at a brisque walk, let alone on a thundering motorbike!

I know it's slightly unfashionable to admit to military pride in this present day and age, but damn it all if the old hairs didn't stand up during the final roaring ride of the display.... and that was just my legs!!!!

Well done to ALL concerned in the show, and best of luck to the various teams for the new season. Not sure who the rider is who broke his wrist during final rehearsals but i wish you a speedy recovery. I'm now off to re-enact all the exciting bits on the dog in the back garden.... it gives the neighbours something to talk about.

On a final note.... would it be possible to have some of those phone numbers you gits keep getting stuffed into your pockets throughout the season???? :twisted:

Signed.... Hopeful from Blandford!

Ahhhh! The skirl o' the pipes! Can't beat a good Pipe band.

It's a tight season! The team can't afford a bike for everyone.

2 down! Wot you can't see is the screaming team member hanging upside down in the
trees to the left of shot!

Looks good now.... but you should see the dismount!

The junior display team being presented to the SOinC.

Maybe the team should reconsider the Vindaloo diet!

Once again.... well done all! Great show.
The Sigs also now have their own , as is fully trained and can blow and doodle his own chanter till his fingers bleed- which they won't as he knows his GBH like the back of his hand - Pipe Major .

Well done that Man.
Apparently 3 of them fell over at the post show piss up! I'm led to believe this counts! :D

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