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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bert69, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    I have been asked for a mate if I know where to get SUBDUED ROYAL SIGNALS TRF. I have serched all the usual sites that I usually go on but have still not located them. So I thought the best place to find out would be on here. If anyone knows can they please let me know.

    Many thanks
  2. Works better if you hide the link name?
  3. Schoolboy error!
  4. Tell your mate he can have one completely subdued, just don't sew one on.

    And if his SSM says anything, just tell him that it's completely fecking pointless anyway. Why on earth do siganllers need to be tactically recognised?
  5. I think it became an Army wide policy, hence pretty much ALL capbadges now have some form of TRF.
  6. TRFs were first used in a co ordinated and uniformal way in WW2 ..... for EVERYONE..... not the half assed different sizes pish that happens today...... ;)
  7. Doesnt subduing the TRF defeat the object of the TRF?
    Never seen the point of subduing Brigade flashes anyway. :roll:
  8. There is some Signals stuff here
  9. You haven't found any because they don't exist.

    R Signals TRF is Blue and White.